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GLOBALTRANZ is proud to spotlight our valued carrier partner, ESTES, for the month of July, 2015.
ESTES—A Lot More Than Just LTL

Maybe you thought Estes was simply an LTL carrier. But as the largest privately held LTL carrier in the nation, Estes also delivers a full spectrum of shipping solutions.

For instance, if your shipment is business critical, try Estes. You have access to complete time-critical shipping solutions including guaranteed, in-transit upgrades and expedited or even air shipping.

Or if you’re going across North American borders or around the world, Estes can help. The company provides a complete NAFTA footprint including service in all 50 United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada. In addition, our freight forwarding group has a global network that can handle just about any destination in the world by air or ocean.

And if the solution you need is a little different than the mainstream, Estes can help. Whether your shipment requires different equipment, delivery requirements, handling or destination, when you provide the need, Estes provides a total solution.