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(Eagan, MN) – Cerasis, a well-known leader in third-party logistics services, has secured the ability to reduce the minimum premium cost for cargo insurance on all shipments, including insurance on shipments with a zero deductible. Due to increased accountability across all departments, particularly Information Technology (IT), Cerasis has created an opportunistic environment for vendors and shippers alike, in line with the company’s Continuous Improvement Core Value.

According to Cerasis President and Co-Founder, Steve Ludvigson, “The Cerasis Carrier Relations Department [was at the heart of this] change by working with [one vendor consistently] to reduce the costs for all [our] customers.” The effects of this new partnership are specifically geared toward New General Merchandise commodity shipments.

The new type of cargo insurance will continue to maintain the previous standards of freight insurance needed by Cerasis-affiliated shippers, including “Acts of God,” terrorism, strikes, riots, civil risks and compliance complaints.

Meanwhile, Amy Cook, Cerasis Carrier Relations Department Manager, said, “This new offering is geared to prevent shippers from forgoing cargo insurance in view of saving money. As a result, shippers can add zero-deductible freight insurance to their shipments seamlessly within the Cerasis Rater for a nominal fee. Ultimately, we are continuing to fight for our shippers to get the greatest rewards and benefits from our vendors, promoting the success of businesses of all sizes across the industry and around the globe.”

The peace of mind attainable within the new cargo insurance offering will help drive profits, success and sustainability measures within the Cerasis network of partners by increasing the accountability of the entire organization and reducing the amount of “red tape” inherent in accessing the best services possible.

Zero Deductible Cargo Cover Program is now available as an add-on option from within the Cerasis Rater.

Dial 1-800-734-5351, and select option 5 when prompted to schedule a pickup.

For new service inquiries, please visit