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CIO Review Selects Recipients of “Top 20 Most Promising Logistics Technology Solutions Companies in 2013”

CIO Review selects Cerasis, Inc. as a one of the “Top 20 Most Promising Logistics Technology Solutions Companies in 2013” for its groundbreaking work and leadership in the development of emerging technologies in the field of logistics and freight.

Dedicated Effort for Innovative Logistics Technology

logistics technology solutions cio reviewIn its December 2013 issue, CIO Review cited several factors for including Cerasis on their Top 20 list, including Cerasis’s pioneering development and successful applications of its freight and logistics technology to eliminate process errors and waste, provide robust logistics reporting, and improve their customer’s ability to better mitigate rising freight and logistics costs. The innovative logistics technology empower the freight shipper to ship more freight without incurring the extra costs of additional resources needed to ship freight as the shippers grow through the use of the proprietary and self-developed transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater . CIO Review also noted Cerasis’s innovative mindset when it comes to logistics technology solutions, mentioning the creation in the last year of both a Less-Than-Truckload e-commerce freight solution and the launch of a Mobile TMS application.

Finally, the biggest reason Cerasis was listed was the ability to save their customers both hard and soft costs in their logistics and transportation departments, with continual savings long term, as the vision of Cerasis is to provide great tools and services to drive long term value and create a long lasting relationship with their customers.

CIO Review’s Annual listing is compiled by members of CIO Review’s editorial board with the continued goal of recognizing and promoting technology innovations and leadership.

Steve Ludvigson, President and Co-Founder of Cerasis, said, “We’ve been very fortunate with our technology teams’ advancements in customer-oriented  and outcome based technology products and services that deliver bigger returns on customers’ investments.” Ludvigson added, “We invest heavily in research and development activities to stay one step ahead of the curve as new technologies and methods emerge. But we also take a pragmatic approach with new technologies, often performing proof-of-concept exercises as a first step with our customers to ensure the solutions generate value before making larger, often time-consuming investments, such as our current roll out to customers of our new Mobile TMS application.”

A Year of Investment to Support Continued Sustainable Organic Growth

In the past twelve months, Cerasis has stayed innovative by not only introducing new logistics technology to the  freight marketplace as mentioned previously, but also by building out their TMS, the Cerasis Rater, to handle shipments into  and out of Mexico and Canada, as well as for freight shipping within Canada. This year also saw the release of the fourth edition of the Cerasis Rater to continue to give Cerasis customers the tools they need to remain lean and profitable with added savings going straight to their bottom lines.

Furthermore, Cerasis was named one of the top 9 Twitter Accounts in the industrial space, named a top influencer in the way of LinkedIn marketing by Social Media Today, has initiated its first online webinar on Inbound Freight Management, as well as a hosted webinar on effective content marketing. Finally, Cerasis was able to open two new offices and expand in the last 12 months with offices in Tacoma, Washington and Chicago, Illinois.

At Cerasis, the goal is to provide solutions for shippers of freight in North America. Cerasis prides itself on this mindset of helping, educating, and having an open hand towards making freight shippers more profitable and operate more efficiently, even as they grow. Expect more great logistics technology deployments from Cerasis in the next 12 months as we look towards continually improving and driving long term value to our partner shippers and carriers.