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Life seems to get busier and busier and I’m always looking for the low hanging fruit that can save a little bit of time and increase efficiency in some way. Retailers can get ahead of the curve by providing a click and collect service which allows shoppers to order products online and pick them up in-store. Using click and collect services is one of the ways I increase efficiency and other consumers are catching on as well. 

Click and collect has experienced impressive growth over the past decade, with sales soaring from 155% as a percentage of total online sales from 2011 and 2015. Offering many benefits for consumers and retailers alike, it’s no surprise that this service shows no sign of slowing down.

Click and collect provides shoppers with the convenience of ordering from home, with the speed and cost-effectiveness of an in-store pickup. For retailers, a seamless omnichannel experience can mean more foot traffic and a lower returns rate. What’s more, click and collect often results in an improved average order value as 49% of consumers are likely to make impulse purchases upon collection of their online order.

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So how can retailers create a click and collect service that works? If you are new to the world of click and collect, it is best to implement a well-planned out and gradual roll-out. Once you have succeeded in ironing out all the issues in one branch, you can start expanding to your other stores.  You will also need to consider your communication strategy and ensure that your explain the process thoroughly and clearly to interested customers.

Learn The Fundamentals Of Click & Collect With The Below Infographic

If you are interested in learning more about how to develop a click and collect service for your store that wins customers we recommend that you take a look at the below infographic 2Flow.

Click and Collect