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Managing a manufacturing plant or a facility maintenance enterprise can get very challenging, complicated and time-consuming for those who are maintaining paper logs for inventory and recording repairs and replacements manually. In this post, we will talk about the main benefits of CMMS or  Computerized maintenance management system.

There are many problems that tend to arise with the traditional pen and paper approach like:

  • A high possibility of human errors which can lead to inaccuracies
  • Sharing information with multiple people becomes tedious
  • Keeping a constant track of what has been accomplished gets difficult
  • The paperwork can get confusing when multiple service professionals are involved
  • When several co-workers are accessing the records, they are likely to get misplaced

Even if you are not circulating paper records, coordinating tasks in a large maintenance team can often get disorganized in the absence of technology.               

The CMMS Edge

 A CMMS software is designed to optimize maintenance tasks for easy sharing and smart working. Here are 5 ways it can automate your documentation process so that your team can accomplish more in less time:

  1. Lowers the Documentation Time Which Means Less Overtime

Maintenance technicians often spend most of their time dealing with the seemingly endless paperwork. The time they consume in completing paperwork, scheduling tasks and tracking orders, can be constructively used in keeping up with maintenance schedules and fixing equipment issues. 

  1. Makes it Easy to Prioritize Work for Better Scheduling

CMMS programs facilitate easy access to in-progress and upcoming work which allows your technicians to focus on critical maintenance tasks. A CMMS offers a centralized view of the work status for better decision-making and planned maintenance which eventually results in less disruption and significant savings.   

  1. Provides Information in Real-time for Better Accountability

A computerized maintenance management system works like a single-window framework where it becomes easy to monitor every work order. By tracking which task is overdue, which is pending and which is in progress, it delivers the real-time status of work to ensure that there is no forgetting.

  1. Instant Notifications Eliminate Delays and Keep You On-Track

CMMS sends automated emails and notifications to the designated workmen to get the work done on time. This feature results in proper distribution of work and better accountability to avoid delays and downtime.  

  1. Advanced Reporting Feature Facilitates Effective Use of Existing Data

The KPI stats available from auto-generated reports can be used at all levels of decision-making. From scheduling work and planning inventory to recording issues and analyzing energy usage, every operation gets streamlined when the data is compiled on a single platform.

When companies implement a CMMS system, it becomes easy to perform preventive maintenance which lessens the number of breakdowns and gives better control on maintenance spend for optimum plant performance.  

Which Industries Should Capitalize on CMMS Programs

Just about every business can benefit from a maintenance assistant CMMS software but the 4 main types of industries are:

Manufacturing Plants

A CMMS system is required by companies that produce tangible goods and employ heavy machinery, assembly lines, heavy-duty equipment, and forklifts that need ongoing maintenance, repairs, and replacements. 

Fleet Brands

Companies dealing in transportation and heavy vehicles including city buses and towing trucks need to schedule repairs periodically which can be easily managed with a feature-rich CMMS software.

Facility Maintenance Services

Companies taking care of commercial structures like hotels and hospitals, office blocks, government offices, theaters, parks, and other public structures that need regular maintenance, can simplify their work schedule and save time with a CMMS software.

Linear Asset Management Enterprises

This is a niche category of maintenance where companies are required to manage assets that span across hundreds of kilometers like roads, pipelines, cables, and electrical wiring. These companies can use a fully-loaded maintenance assistant CMMS for certification, analysis, improved safety, and risk management. By investing in a CMMS, companies can create a competitive edge in a global market.

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