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Manufacturing depends on efficiency. If a manufacturer wastes materials or time, it cannot succeed. Unfortunately, even the most efficient production floor utilizing effective lean techniques can become hobbled if similar efforts aren’t taken in the warehouse. A seamless supply chain is just as important to manufacturers as efficient manufacturing procedures. Those who don’t take the time to ensure that their warehouses and inventory are managed as efficiently as possible are on shaky ground.

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Inefficiency has a lot of hiding places in the modern warehouse facility. Thus, it’s up to manufacturers to locate and quash inefficiencies wherever they may be lurking. Fortunately, manufacturers have many tools at their disposal for dealing with inefficiencies in their supply chains — ranging from advanced technology to old-fashioned common sense. In most cases, a little foresight and judicious application of new technology can streamline a manufacturer’s inventory and warehousing operations significantly — leading to a manufacturing process that is holistically efficient. For a look at some of these ideas and how they can be applied to your warehouse and inventory, check out the infographic below. If you’re a manufacturer, you can’t afford to harbor wastefulness anywhere in your organization, so make sure every level of your supply chain is optimized.

Here Are The Top Tips To Control Inventory and & Warehouse Efficiency

Author bio:
Steven Dry is the owner of Procon Pacific, a provider of global packaging solutions that include FIBC products and cutting-edge bulk packaging technologies. Procon was formed in 2004 to fill a critical void in the FIBC market while offering sourcing and consulting services to go with its bulk and semi-bulk packaging products.