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Prestige Billiards and Gamerooms

What happens when a small local company gets so popular that they spread throughout the U.S.?

Lots of things change. How you operate your business is top on the list.

For Prestige Billiards and Gamerooms, a company specializing in customized pool tables and game room furniture, it meant finding a way to ship their products all over the country.

Looking for a Strategic Partner

Prestige BilliardsFor years Prestige Billiards managed to keep their operations local. They became the go-to place for billiards and game room equipment in Phoenix, AZ. But like all good businesses, Prestige grew so big that they were getting customers from everywhere. Now they needed a premium logistics company to help them make the transition.

One of the biggest problems they faced at first was in their shipments. They went from getting rave reviews primarily to getting a bunch of negative reviews and complaints because they could not deliver their products on time. Moreover, the high quality service that Prestige customers had come to expect fell off dramatically.

Sheer chance brought Prestige Billiards to GlobalTranz. Last year, they were in a bind trying to ship several pool tables and some game room furniture. GlobalTranz was able to beat their previous on-time delivery records and managed to beat their previous shipping partner’s rates. Then their GlobalTranz account rep introduced the company to CarrierRate2.0.

Prestige Gains from Partnering with GlobalTranz

A customer facing LTL management platform designed to speed up deliveries and offer the most competitive rates was just the answer to solve Prestige’s logistics problems. GlobalTranz identified three areas that needed to be addressed in order for Prestige Billiards to maximize their customer experience: Improved customer service, better on-time delivery service, and enhanced problem solving capabilities.

#1: Improved Customer Service

Once Prestige Billiards began using GlobalTranz CarrierRate2.0 to improve their customer service they saw their on-time deliveries more than double. Previous on-time delivery was at 40% before GlobalTranz. Since working with us, their on-time delivery rate is at 85% and climbing.

On top of that, the incidents of claims resulting from damage have dropped down to single digits. In 2014, Prestige Billiards was averaging up to 15 damage claims per year. Now that they are with GlobalTranz, they have only processed 4 damage claims in a year and a half.

#2: Better Delivery Service

At the heart of the matter was their need to ship their products out faster and to anywhere in the U.S. Some of Prestige’s custom-made products are very large and often require assembly. Getting all of the right boxes and pieces delivered is crucial to the overall success of their business.

After partnering with Amazon, Prestige Billiards saw an enormous influx of shipment requests for their products. With limited shipping information from Amazon, customers were routinely missing their deliveries because they weren’t getting delivery notices ahead of time.

That meant Prestige’s customers were often forced to lift and carry and assemble heavy pieces of billiards and game room equipment on their own. The result:

  • Negative Reviews on Amazon
  • A Ratings Drop Down to 2.9 Stars

We looked into their negative reviews and found that their customers needed several things to turn those numbers around. Based on customer feedback, Prestige began:

  • Adding Residential Delivery
  • Notification Prior to Delivery
  • Lift Gates and Insider Delivery

The cost to offer those improvements did increase the rate a bit but these changes alone resulted in an immediate surge in customer satisfaction. They went from 2.9 stars to 4.2 out of 5 and they are seeing even more sales opportunities now.

#3: Enhanced Problem Solving

Our team was able to advise Prestige on the best carriers to meet the needs of their customers because of CarrierRate2.0. This proprietary software enables our customers to compare LTL shippers based on multiple factors, not just price.

Those metrics include on-time delivery percentage. Add that to our previous experiences moving LTL shipments to several destinations and we were able to help them find the right solution to their logistics problems. Using our software gives our customers:

  • Keen Insight into Carrier Options
  • A Partner to Rely on for Recommendations
  • Reduced Overall Shipping Expenditures
  • And Less Wait-Time and Increased Satisfaction

Shift Your Focus to What Really Matters

Let us do the rest. We could share with you hundreds of examples just like Prestige where our technology and expertise enabled our customers to focus on what really matters; their products and services.

Partnering with GlobalTranz has made a world of difference for Prestige Billiards and Gamerooms. Now Prestige can focus on producing premium customized pool tables and game room equipment while we provide the means to help them excel.

We can do the same for your business too. If you are looking for a solutions-driven strategic shipping partner for your business, contact us at GlobalTranz today.

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