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GlobalTranz CEO Bob Farrell Interviewed by SiriusXM Business Radio

In a 25-minute interview with SiriusXM Business Radio, GlobalTranz CEO Bob Farrell shares how cutting-edge technologies and the ever-increasing sophistication of supply chains are profoundly influencing the future of logistics. On the program “Work of Tomorrow,” radio host Christian Terwiesch explores industry and technology trends with GlobalTranz’s CEO.

Listen and learn more about what’s influencing the evolution of logistics in 2018 and beyond:

  • How advances in artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and predictive analytics are improving service and driving cost savings.
  • How automating processes throughout supply chains are improving efficiency and decreasing labor costs.
  • How B2C shipping and logistics best practices are impacting B2B logistics.
  • How today’s logisticians must be part business analysts, data scientists, technology pros and big-picture planners.
  • How the driver shortage, autonomous trucking, big data, and other industry trends are impacting supply chain dynamics

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