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Editor’s Note: Todays blog is from Kristen Palmisano from The Center for Global Enterprise. In this blog, Kristen discusses how revenue growth is tied to digital supply chains.

The Center for Global Enterprise releases new research suggesting revenue growth at the hand of improved digital supply chains.

New York NY: The Digital Supply Chain initiative (DSCi), a new line of research conducted by the Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) in partnership with, today announced the publication of their new white paper, Digital Supply Chains: A Frontside Flip, a report designed to provide practical steps that companies can take today to prepare for the digital supply chain of the future.

The paper presents evidence from 24 top executives running the world’s largest supply chains. These industry leaders believe enterprise supply chains could be the most important transformation for companies over the next five years.  The research unveils a new approach to enterprise supply chain management – focus on the customer and maximize demand.  That is, flip the focus to the customer-facing side – the frontside – of the business.

The research suggests improved enterprise Digital Supply Chains (DSC) can lead to a 20% reduction of procurement costs, a 50% reduction in supply chain costs, and an increase in revenue of 10%. This is true across all industries, even some, like financial services, that traditionally don’t include supply chains in revenue generating strategies. 

“Successful companies will take advantage of new management practices, a continuously expanding data reservoir and new technologies relevant to DSCs if they are to have future competitive advantage and delighted customers,” said George Bailey, CGE’s DSCi project leader. 

How Will the Digital Supply Chains White Paper & Report Help Me?

This report will help CEOs, supply chain executives and anyone interested in leading edge supply chain developments and operational improvement in the following ways:

  1. This report provides a DSC execution framework and roadmap to transform enterprise supply chains by focusing on the customer and maximizing demand. By following the report’s practical steps, research suggests an increase in enterprise revenue and decrease in supply chain costs.
  1. The report helps interested parties better understand game-changing technologies affecting all enterprise supply chains.
  1. This report explains the key differences between traditional supply chains and digital supply chains, helping supply chain leaders gain insight to better their position in the business.  

Read the white paper here

The Digital Supply Chain initiative team consists of leading supply chain experts and executives responsible for their organization’s supply chains. A list of authors and white paper participants can be found by clicking here

Digital Supply Chain initiative

About the Digital Supply Chain initiative (DSCi):
Companies around the world are working toward developing Digital Supply Chains that dramatically reduces costs and significantly uplifts revenue.  Many of these companies are restructuring their operations to recognize the tremendous importance of Digital Supply Chains. The revolution has just started, but will rapidly play out over the next few years.

The CGE Digital Supply Chain initiative (DSCi) is the first-of-its-kind to conduct research on digital supply chains of platform business models around the world. The project will document best practices and future trends. Guidelines will be created to help businesses innovate in the new era of digital supply chains as well as manage the risk involved with having the entire supply chain, IP, and process assets exposed.

The initiative is being generously supported with funding by SAP, a market leader in enterprise application software. The DSCi has convened a Global Experts Group (GEG) to act as the initiative’s principle mechanism to develop the management learning that will be shared publicly at the conclusion of the project. The GEG is comprised of leading management experts from all over the world who are responsible for their company’s supply chains. A white paper will be published in October.

Digital Supply Chain (DSC) Resources:
In the fourth quarter of 2016, CGE will release short “pull-out” sections from the DSCi white paper intended to help top management lead and drive improvements to their digital supply chain’s performance and ROI.  The pull-outs will include a diagnostic progress assessment resource for a company’s DSC and actionable tips for managers to apply to their company’s digital supply chains. DSC resources will be released in October in conjunction with the DSCi white paper. Check back for release dates.

Digital Supply Chains Infographic