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Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

On today’s episode we welcome longtime logistics technology entrepreneur, all around great guy, and CEO of Manning’s Truck Brokerage, Charley Dehoney to talk about the current state of the digitization of freight (oh that’s fun to say) and how digitization and the use of more technology in freight is impacting the industry and all the players within it.

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The Digitization of Freight

In this episode Charley and Cerasis’ Marketing Manager & “The Freight Project Podcast” host, Adam Robinson, will learn who who is Charley as well as his perspective on all things digital freight. We speak about the general use of technology, where things are going, and reference a lot of great articles to expand on the discussion.

In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear:

  • What is Charley’s background in freight & logistics technology that puts him at the heart of the digitization of freight?
  • The word “going digital” or “Digitization” is a phrase thrown around in many industries over the last decade but has become a chryon unavoidable around the freight industry in the last few years. What does the “Digitization of Freight” mean to Charlie as typically, there are several answers to that question?      
  • In a recent article on FreightWaves, by Brian Aoaeh, he talked about why digital freight brokers might fail to disrupt the freight broker industry. He talks about the difference between digital freight brokerages & digital freight marketplaces where every digital freight marketplace functions as a digital freight brokerage but not every digital freight brokerage would be a true marketplace. He further goes on to talk about the tyranny of complexity in the processes of freight and that ultimately, the reason digital freight brokers might fail in their pursuit of pure digitization of freight, because often the technology forgets about the role of people who have sound processes underneath that technology. Now, circling back to Charley’s perspective, he seems to have tackled digitization thru the various startups in freight he has championed by focusing on that exact thing he states: people & process. What are Charlie’s thoughts on Brian’s suppositions?
  • In another article on Supply Chain Dive, they talk about how crowded the digital freight broker space is getting and that really, there’s enough freight & money to go around so that there are many winners. In the article the author says, “I see the tech-enabled carrier space as something that provides transformational value. We work with them all very similarly and see the benefits they can provide.” This is akin to vast enterprises who employ various 3PLs and logistics service providers. Is this a smart move for enterprises? It seems that perhaps the digital freight broker is seen as somewhat of a commodity. Why is that wrong or right and what does Charley think?
  • Is the quest for “digitization of freight” and the arguments around it really all just red herrings, and that perhaps the real conversations should be how you actually listen to the players in the industry and respond with tools that actually help them? Are we missing a bit of reality in all this worry about who is disrupting and who is not? What should we all really focus on in the digitization of freight?
  • In another article in the WSJ, it states that the reason we’ve seen such a bull run in the markets after the recession in 2008 was because companies are much more nimble and effective at inventory management. Instead of having more inventory than you need, that inventory is more responsive, therefore, supply isn’t outpacing demand. We’ve heard around here and there talks of “Freight recession” or “softness” in the Full Truckload sector. No matter that point, like how more technology for warehouse and inventory management has helped stave off economic recessions, what will technology for the freight industry do to better stabilize freight overall?
  • What, if anything can be the silver bullet for the FreightTech revolution?  In other words, what innovation is needed to set off the ultimate digitization in our industry?

We hope you enjoy this very first episode of The Freight project podcast!