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[e-Book] The Digital Supply Chain: The Landscape, Trends, Types, and the Application in Supply Chain Management

The Digital Supply Chain

Imagine a world where automation comes together with technology to deliver products without human intervention. An order is placed by a consumer. 3D printers pickup the details and print the finished product. It’s then picked by robots from the shelves, packaged and placed into a self-driving truck. The trucks leave the facility, and drones are automatically dispatched from the truck to deliver products while moving. The truck never stops until arriving for reloading.

This example generates a huge amount of data that can leverage in the supply chain. But, the same data can have a drastic impact on supply chain planners and agencies around the globe. While this example may still be a few years off, it is important that you understand how the top emerging trends in the digital supply chain will shape supply chains and transportation processes in the coming years.

In this all new e-book from Cerasis, you’ll learn the following:

  • What is the Digital Supply Chain and what is the current landscape
  • What are the trends in the application of digital technologies in the supply chain
  • What are the specific technologies to understand in the digital supply chain
  • How can you apply the digital supply chain for effectiveness including going omnichannel

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