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Editor’s Note: We take a break in listing out the remainder of the Logistics Technology trends for our second post by giving you a guest blog post to include an infographic on why your e-commerce store needs a mobile app. As we said in a 2014 post, 2015 was to be the year of the mobile app for manufacturers as they look to go omni-channel in order to offer more options to their customer base. At Cerasis, understanding this burgeoning logistics technology trend ourselves, we built an e-commerce solution for manufacturers and also launched our own mobile app version of our TMS, the Cerasis Rater. This post and subsequent infographic will show you why a mobile app for your e-commerce stores is so vital. 

Reasons Why an E-Commerce Store Should Have a Mobile App

Remember the last time you launched a scheme?

A good 50% cash back on the products purchased within the next two hours was more alluring than you thought. The end of the day; however didn’t fetch you the number of orders that you actually expected.

In the hindsight, you would have surely realized the need to have an app for your store.

Imagine the amazing numbers you could have generated by merely sending a flurry of push notifications to prospective buyers and even existing customers but that was only to be if you had an app.

The aforementioned is good enough a reason and doesn’t require you to look into the stats that display increasing transformation of web users to a mobile device.

Ecommerce is easier and effortless with great opportunity to reach wider population. You consumers would always want great products clubbed with interesting offers but at the same time, what’s important, is to make the convenience of ordering as simple as possible.

An m-commerce visibility of your store is the need of the hour. The below infographic wonderfully drives you towards significant data that might just push you to make a move towards having that much needed mobile app for your store

Infographic: The Importance of Creating a Mobile App for your E-Commerce Store

e-commerce mobile app

85% of consumers prefer mobile app over mobile websites

41% of smartphone owners made a purchase from their mobile phone (in last 6 months)

The growth of mobile commerce outpaced overall growth of e-commerce in 2013

1 out of every 3 visitors to the average retail website is mobile only

By 2015, mobile shopping will account for $163 billion sales worldwide (12% of global e-commerce turnover)



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