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Cerasis Tradeshow Swag
Cerasis Tradeshow Swag

The Cerasis team recently completed our second manufacturing trade show of the year after exhibiting at the Advanced Manufacturing trade show, Eastec, in West Springfield, MA last week from May 14th thru May 16th in booth #3359 in building three. We gave away some trade show swag, like many of the other exhibitors, and our pens, and bags were a hit! Eastec’s tagline of “Human Ingenuity. Manufacturing Brilliance.” lived up to it’s name! We were able to meet a lot of great people as attendees and exhibitors, the human factor, and of course saw several advanced manufacturing exhibitors showing off their efficient and brilliant machines!

What is Eastec, By The Way?

ABC40 of Springfield, MA, touted Eastec as the East Coast’s largest trade show, showcasing almost 700 exhibitors, and nearly 20,000 attendees. The show was so massive, that it sprawled 4 buildings at what locals lovingly call “The Big E” or more formally known as the Eastern States Exposition. The show was put on by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, as was Houstex where Cerasis exhibited at in February, . Like Houstex, Eastec featured a large variety of types of companies including machinery and industrial equipment both large and small, as well as a slew of service providers who help drive down the cost of doing business in a machine shop, such as lifting and moving companies, chillers, laser marking, logistics, and packaging.

SME, STEM, and Putting Their Money Where there Mouth Is

Additionally, the show put it’s money where it’s mouth was with a mission to spread the message of advanced manufacturing to future generations by holding The EASTEC Dream It Do It Manufacturing Student Challenge event on  Thursday, May 16th. The “Dream it Do It” student challenge was a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students, educators, school administrators and guidance counselors to see first-hand the cutting-edge technology displays at the show while reinforcing the importance of increased STEM education in schools. Our Twitter friend, and Director of Design, SEO, and Social for, Brendan O’Connell was a judge to pick the final winner. It was a great pleasure getting to meet him having talked to him several times on twitter, which we highly recommend doing if you want to know more about the digital space, or manufacturing in general.

Education, Speakers, Socializing, OH MY!

Like many of the Society of Manufacturing of Engineers’ trade shows they put on, they try and offer a lot of educational opportunities so manufacturers and machine shop owners my stay abreast of industry trends which may affect the way business is done in the space. It’s also a great place to learn information on best practices around new initiatives such as social media, lean manufacturing, or implementing a continuous improvement program. It was great seeing the New England Institute of Technology talk about the skills gap and how companies can better prepare internal workers. There was also an Additive Manufacturing Resource Center to learn more about the busy and fast moving world of 3D Printing and everything around this burgeoning industry. Furthermore, there was the Cabela’s Relaxation Station where cigars were made and massages offered, as it was a lot of work trying to see everyone. There was also the United Grinding Biergarten where folks could soak in the beautiful 80 degree weather, have a cold beverage, and talk to fellow show exhibitors and attendees. On Wednesday night a Manufacturing Reception WAS held where folks could network. All in all, there was a lot to learn, do, and have fun!

So What Kind Of Exhibitors Can I Expect to See at the Next Eastec Trade Show?

Baxter the Robot from Rethink Robotics
Baxter the Robot from Rethink Robotics

We had the great opportunity to go around to different companies exhibiting at the show in various buildings. There were well over 600 different kinds of companies consisting of such verticals of Design, Engineering & Rapid Technologies, Tooling, Workholding & Machining Accessories. You can view all the kinds of verticals and companies here. We really enjoyed meeting Baxter the Robot who Sprecher+Schuh showed off in booth #3349. Those eyes are crazy real! Our booth mates, Tracs Chillers, having started their business five years ago, really seemed to come away with some quality leads to help grow their business (we know we did!).

FARO-HQ-3d-PrintingOne of the coolest exhibits was Faro’s 3D printing capabilities, as shown in the picture on the right we found from Twitterer Nick Chwalek, who actually scanned the booth of Faro and actually printed it! An awesome world we live in!

In our very own building three, we also got to meet one of the Associations championing the “Made In USA” mantra, the Alliance for American Manufacturing. We love following Scott Paul and KeepItMadeInUsa on twitter!

We also felt very fortunate to meet Elaine and Joe Spitz of Liberty Packaging. Like Cerasis, they aid in the safe transport of your valuable goods to aid in keeping them safe from corrosion or further exposure to the elements, therfore eliminating waste, through their innovative Intercept Technology.  They also have one of the best salesmen on the Planet, as evidenced in this GREAT video below:

The Cerasis Team enjoyed meeting other technology providers such as MasterCam, and our friends over at Global Shop Solutions both in building 5, which was the largest building featuring almost 300 exhibitors alone! Also in building five, we got to meet another Minneapolis headquartered company, Twin City Die and Casting Company!

One of the coolest, and futuristic exhibits involved, Creaform and 3D Systems showing off their 3D scanner equipment, which you can watch a demonstration of below!

We really enjoyed our three days there and the best part was getting to meet some of our friends we’ve gotten to know on twitter, but most importantly, being able to meet so many folks whom we can help with our freight technology and freight management services. We head out to Vegas in November for our next trade show, but feel free to share this post or comment below if you went to the Eastec show, letting us know your thoughts about it!

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