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Your Guide To Eating Healthy While On The Road

Eating healthy while on the road isn’t always easy, especially for truckers who often drive for long hours, have a tight schedule or just feel they don’t have time to make healthy eating decisions. Perhaps not surprisingly, around 80 percent of truckers are obese. If this sounds like your situation, there are some steps you can take to improve your diet, and although these tips are for truckers, anyone can benefit from them.

1.) Plan Ahead

Whether you have a short trip of a couple of hundred miles, or are trucking cross country, plan ahead. Stocking up on such health snacks as nutrigrain bars, nuts, fruit, beef jerky and yogurt will make you less likely to stop at the next hot dog or burger place you pass. It’s OK to take along a few treats, but try not to overdo it. On a long trip, you’ll want a few meals out, and these days most fast food restaurants offer at least one fairly healthy menu item. Eating at a buffet is fast and convenient, but if you do so, try to take smaller helpings, use smaller plates, and go easy on the desserts.

2.) Eat Regularly

Truckers can also eliminate those cravings for burgers and other unhealthy foods by snacking every few hours. Even if it’s a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit, you can stave off hunger, and eliminate those urges to pull off the road at the next gas station and buy candy bars and donuts. Don’t skip meals – you’ll only make yourself hungry, meaning you will almost certainly eat more later.

3.) Watch What You Drink

It’s actually possible to gain 10 pounds of weight a year just from drinking soda, sports drinks, and sweet tea. Instead of drinking all those calories, try to stick to water, unsweetened tea and black coffee without cream or sugar. Drinking plenty of water can actually prevent you from feeling hungry, and can reduce those cravings for unhealthy foods.

4.) Make Your Own Meals

Of course, the cab of your truck isn’t the greatest place to prepare a meal, but with the right approach, you can cook easy and nutritious meals for your next trip. Taking along a portable cooler, and a mini slow cooker lets you use a 12 volt outlet to cook in your cab. Cooking for yourself can save you money, as well as allow you to regulate the amount of fat and salt you are consuming.

5.) Not All Truck Stops Are Equal

Many truck stops are now offering healthier options for truck drivers, partly in response to complaints from truckers, and it’s increasingly easy to find tasty salads, wraps and other healthy snacks and foods. Some trucking companies have introduced wellness programs or offered employees incentives to lose weight.

There’s no escaping the fact that driving a truck is never going to be the healthiest of pursuits. But with some planning and a willingness to change your routine and take advantage of the increasing number of options, truckers can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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