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An ecommerce business comes with its own unique benefits, as well as challenges. You have an amazing opportunity to reach many people and sell your product all over the world. But you also face the challenge of people not being able to try on or carefully examine your product. Because of this reality, return requests are inevitable, so it’s important that you have a proper ecommerce shipping returns policy.

Make it Accessible

Don’t hide your policy, make sure it is located in an easy to find location; your customers will appreciate it. Nobody wants to go searching around a site for the return policy, and you don’t want it to seem as if you are hiding it. Place links to your return policy in convenient spots such as banners, your carousel, and confirmation emails. Show your customers you stand behind your product by making your ecommerce shipping returns policy easy to find. You’ll inspire customer loyalty by showing you are a trustworthy and honest ecommerce company that cares about its customers.

Use Simple Language

Make clarity a priority by using language that is simple and straightforward. Try and write the same way as you speak, and if you can inject some personality into your policy, that is a bonus. It’s important that your policy is very clear, and not open to interpretation. The more straightforward your writing is, the less confusion and frustration you will experience from customers. There’s no need to use jargon or overcomplicated language and have your customer service professionals overloaded with unnecessary calls and emails.

Have Clear Requirements

Set some clear and basic expectations for you customer. Clearly explain the process that will begin once they request a return. What is the procedure? Lay out important information such as whether the customer must use your packaging for the return and if they need to include the order slip. Will they be paying for the shipping costs or does you company cover that? Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself what you would want to know in that situation.

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Have a Clear Timeframe for Your Ecommerce Shipping Returns Policy

Decide what your timeframe will be and make it obvious in your return policy. Will you accept returns up to 15, 30, or even 90 days later? Decide what is best for your company and then be consistent. If you don’t make this part of your policy clear, you will absolutely be receiving returns many months, and even years later. Save yourself the trouble and frustration and set a clear timeframe for returning items.

Use Resources to Write Your Shipping Return Policy

Writing is all about clear communication, and so is a good ecommerce shipping returns policy. It’s important your customers are able to easily read and understand your policy. Here are some good resources to help improve your writing:

StateofWriting and MyWritingWay – These writing guides are excellent resources for when you’re writing your website’s ecommerce shipping returns policy.

Academized and Boomessays – Try out these editing tools, suggested by Academized review, and see how much easier they make your editing process. A properly edited policy is key to being seen as professional by your customers.

ViaWriting and SimpleGrad – Use these grammar resources to go over your writing before publishing it. Proper grammar is key to communicating your policy effectively.

AustralianHelp and Essayroo – Give these online proofreading tools a try. They’ve been reviewed positively at Revieweal and are a great way to up your proofreading game.

AcademAdvisor and WritingPopulist – Check out these writing blogs for some new ideas on how to improve your shipping policy. One of the best ways to learn is to see what works for other people.

Be Upfront about Your Policy

People like to know what they are getting into. “If you will be offering exchanges or store credit rather than a full refund, be upfront about that fact. You don’t want customers to become angry when they realize later that their refund is actually in the form of store credit. That’s how you lose customers,” recommends Julie Stone, writer at EliteAssignmentHelp. Clearly explain what the expected condition of returns will be. Will you limit returns to clearly defective products, only unopened products, or anything the customer is dissatisfied with? The clearer you are in your policy’s writing, the less complaints you will receive.


A good shipping return policy is a crucial aspect of any ecommerce website. Your policy must be well written, clear, honest, and accessible. A good policy is an excellent way to build customer loyalty, so it’s well worth your time. Follow these tips to write an excellent ecommerce shipping returns policy.


Grace Carter is an eCommerce writer at Essay Help Services and TopCanadianWriters websites. She also teaches online content marketing, creates online courses and teaches business communication at UK Writings service.