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Kate Wymore
“Life is a gift.  Be there to accept it with open arms and open eyes.” – Kate Wymore


Amazingly, we are now two months in to the new year.  As 2015 continues to roll on, we are elated to present Kate Wymore as the GlobalTranz employee of the month for February 2015.


Prior to working at GlobalTranz, Kate worked for a skilled nursing facility as a Rehab Coordinator, utilizing her B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.


Currently, Kate is employed in the final mile portion of the Supply Chain Department for GlobalTranz.  Her duties include quoting for her department, as well as handling accounts for supply chain and supply chain sales.


When asked what makes her successful, she stated, “I have a wonderful family that raised me with the belief that I should aim for nothing short of perfection in everything that I do.  Ultimately, that is not possible, but (I) at least put forth every effort to be better than I was the day before.”


Kate enjoys working at GlobalTranz due to the environment and her co-workers, saying, “The people, both co-workers and management, are phenomenal.  This company stands for everything that I would want a company to, and I adore the ever changing environment.”  Her most memorable moment at GTZ was being promoted to the Supply Chain Department and, “being allowed to expand my knowledge of the freight industry,” she said.



She has goals to continue to be better in everything that she does.  She plans to improve, “everything and everyone around me, including myself, so that growth and change continue.”  Kate believes this to be the best measure of success.


Originally born and raised in St. Charles, a suburb of Chicago, Kate enjoys a very active lifestyle.  She runs and lifts as often as possible and is a HGTV do-it-yourself nut.  “HGTV is one of the greatest creations, hence the reason my house looks like a construction site.  I am fairly certain I am single handedly keeping that channel afloat.”  As active as she is, Kate is petrified of heights and this keeps her from hiking most mountains in AZ.


“Kate Wymore has been a vital employee to me since she started with GlobalTranz just over a year ago.  She is always eager to learn more and so I had her cross-trained in four different departments, as well as take on other major projects for me this past summer when I needed help.  I can definitely say I would not be successful without her.”


James Erway | Vice President of Agent Operations

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