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Becoming a qualified freight agent doesn’t have to take long. There isn’t a four-year program or $60K tuition to pay. All you need is a top-flight freight agent program to build a powerhouse freight agency. Finding the right program depends a lot on how you learn, and what you are looking to get out of your career.

The right freight agent program will have positive answers to the questions below.

1. Does the brokerage have a solid name in the industry?

What’s in a name? In the freight industry, a lot is in the name. A freight agent’s reputation is built on trust and reliability. Shippers can’t risk trusting their important cargo to a fly-by-night operation with no real guarantee that the load will make it to the final destination intact and on time.

When looking for the right freight agent program, run a search on the freight brokerage offering the program. Check them out on the BBB website and make contact with a live person to validate their credibility.

2. How long has the firm been in business?

Longevity is a sign of a healthy freight business that has grown with the times. For example, GlobalTranz has been a leading logistics firm for over a decade and is still growing.

There is also huge business value to teaming up with a freight brokerage that provides administrative and technical support. The freight industry has undergone massive adjustments in the last two decades, and the regulatory and technology landscape will continue to evolve. Having someone to help you navigate those changes is key.

Are you signing on with a program that is on the forefront of the transportation and logistics market? Are you looking at programs that provide the most advanced freight brokerage technology to give you a good running start in your career? These are important questions to ask, and if a freight brokerage has been around a while, it usually means they’re doing something right.

3. Will you have opportunities to grow and launch your own business?

If you pick the wrong freight agent program, you may find they are more interested in making money from you, rather than helping you make money. Look for a freight agent program that offers well-defined onboarding and “jump start” training programs that will enable you to ramp up quickly and feel supported in growing your business.

As you’re evaluating freight agent programs, ask yourself some questions. Does the program you’re considering help you launch your own freight business? Will you eventually be able to enjoy the type of independence and freedom that attracted you to the business in the first place? Does the freight brokerage firm you’re partnering with exude energy and a desire to grow and help you grow?

4. How good is your commission split?

Money isn’t everything, but it is ultimately why we work. What kind of commission split does your freight agent program offer? Are you getting a fair deal on the commission split?

Keep in mind that some splits may not be that bad if you are working with a freight brokerage with a well-known brand that provides you with comprehensive support. In the beginning, it’s important to receive help in areas like:

  • Connecting with carriers
  • Processing claims
  • Sending carrier and vendor payments
  • Managing finances
  • Covering marketing costs

A solid freight agent program will provide you all of this and then some. It is in their interest to entice you to want to work with them after you complete or leave the program, not force you. If you have to obligate yourself to them in order to get that support, you might want to keep shopping around.

5. Will you be provided with leads to get you started?

The hardest part about starting out in the freight industry is generating leads and building trust. Shippers are often hesitant to take chances with unknown freight agents for valuable loads and cargo.

This is where your choice of freight agent program comes in. Does the program provide you with access to leads to help you get started? Are you going to be part of a network that is deep and broad enough to help you provide the best service to your customers? If the answer is no to these questions, it may take you longer to see profits.

6. How big is the freight brokerage’s carrier network?

If your freight agent program offers you access to their carrier network, but it is small and incomplete, is it really worth it? They may be a purely local or regional outfit with connections where you live and nowhere else.

But if your vision is to build your own national network, choose a program that will give you access to a vast carrier network. If you want to get an edge in your area by providing expedited service to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, you will want to find a program with a carrier network that’s broad enough to help you reach that goal.

7. Is the brokerage using modern technology and advanced TMS?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly these days, are you working with a brokerage using the most advanced transportation management system (TMS) and modern technology to your advantage? Thanks to advancing technology, the freight industry is booming, especially for third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and independent freight agents and brokers.

In order to compete in this field, you have to have a smart strategy for using these tools to your advantage. There are many different technology firms dedicated to offering generic CRM software that doesn’t meet the unique needs of freight agents. Look for a program that uses advanced software designed specifically for freight agents.

Sign On with the Best Freight Agent Program

You have choices, but only one will be the right one for you. The GlobalTranz Freight Agent Opportunity Program is built around your needs as a modern freight agent. That means providing you with world-class logistics technology, and experts on the ground to support you while you establish and build equity in your own independent freight agent business.

GlobalTranz’ goal is to help you achieve your dreams of being a top producing freight agent. All of our agents, partners, and trainees benefit from comprehensive administrative support, including: payroll processing, vendor and carrier pay, claim filing, financial reporting and more.

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you understand the benefits of joining a specific freight agent program. Read about the GlobalTranz freight agent program, and contact us for more information.