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Being an agent no matter the field depends on being able to attract clients. In the freight industry it is no different. In order to be a top producing freight agent, it depends on your ability to master these three phases: Quality lead generation, converting leads into clients, and continually developing your portfolio.

A Case Study on Growth: Brighter Logistics

Our GlobalTranz clients are finding great success with us in large part due to utilizing our many tools to help make their job as a freight agent easier to do. One of those clients is none other than Brighter Logistics; a top 20 GlobalTranz freight agency seeing extraordinary growth since teaming up with us.

They are the subject of this case study showing how our three pillars of success have helped them to grow into real players in the industry. What’s the secret to our success? Knowing what freight agents need and creating the tools to make it happen.

Seize More Opportunities for Growth through Quality Lead Generation

In the freight industry if clients can’t find you, your business is dead in the water. To compete with global freight chains, you need better customer relationship management (CRM) to generate leads.

Cold calling produces minimal results and can take up too much of your valuable time. Brighter Logistics recognized the need to cut down on the time spent generating leads and to find a better way that is more efficient.

They turned to us at GlobalTranz employing our ShipperCenter software. Our exclusive CRM and Retention Management System is specifically designed to do the legwork for you. This software package provides you with:

  • Ability to View Shipment History of Leads
  • Claim Leads as Prospects
  • Add Free-Form Notes
  • Attach Files and Documents
  • Search and Sort Leads
  • And More

Since its release this past August, our ShipperCenter software has enabled our customers to amass 300+ new customers bringing in $440K in revenue in only 6 weeks. Brighter Logistics saw:

  • A nearly 2.75% increase in business in September
  • Acquired 11 new customers
  • Earned $22K in new revenue
  • And is expected to top 8% in growth by the end of the year

Gain More Conversions in Less Time

Out of the hundreds or even thousands of customers that you would attempt to cold call, how many of them would you know enough about to make a strong sales pitch? The second hurdle to cross once you begin generating leads is converting those leads into customers.

At GlobalTranz, we have developed software programs that make lead conversion less time consuming and much easier to do. The trick is to give you all of the information that you need to know before you even make the call.

Think about how much better you could tailor your pitch when you know the prospect’s shipping history and the type of freight that they need transported. You could earn a lot of new business just by showing them that you are the freight agent that knows what they need and prove it.

That’s what Brighter Logistics did. They combined the benefits of all of our software programs to show their clients just how well they can compete in the global market. With state-of-the-art capabilities, they are able to offer the same top of the line service that customers expect from big name global carriers.

In proving that you are the best, you will need to take advantage of some of our other tools too. By adding our Carrierrate 2.0 software you can manage your shipments better on the front end. In one step you can offer your customers a quote, book their shipment, and track and manage the logistics of each shipment ensuring proactive and timely assistance.

Utilize Tools for Strategic Portfolio Development

Brighter Logistics maximized this third prong in our three-prong strategy to capitalize on the momentum created by their increasing lead generation. The best way to keep the leads coming is to diversify their portfolio of clients.

Say you have traditionally served the medical community, shipping medical devices and biological materials. Your history as a freighter handling sensitive materials will hold you in good stead in a specialty market.

You could parlay that experience to expand into other areas of shipping that need specific expertise. Maybe instead of transporting only medical devices, you expand out into hazardous waste disposal and transport?

Perhaps you want to build your portfolio into the automotive industry transporting new and used cars cross-country. By utilizing our software tools strategically to generate a specific type of new business, you could see enormous growth particularly in areas where your niche is in short supply.

Breeding Success with GlobalTranz

By combining all of our software programs you can create a world-class freight business and there is a tool to do just that. It is our Command Center software program that alone gives our clients the best chance at success as a freight agent.

This is the tool that you need to continually and strategically develop your portfolio. Nothing breeds success like success. When you are able to secure a long-term contract with a big named vendor, it makes you more desirable to other clients.

It is by far our most comprehensive tool for breeding success for your freight business. It can be optimized for your specific line of business and comes with outstanding features including:

  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Live Interactive Maps
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Access to Our Network of 20K Carriers
  • Shipment Tracking and Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Systems Management
  • And Much More

You are in total control of the data that you see allowing you to get up-to-the-minute details about fuel stops, weather, traffic, as well as up-to-the-second reporting of current and historical KPI data. Not only that, you will be able to see the rates that your top competitors are charging for similar shipments.

On the backend, you can download your financial information for analysis all from the same interface. Get a bird’s eye view of your customer base, their sales history, and proactively seek to supply their needs.

How Can GlobalTranz Transform Your Brokerage?

From finding full and partial loads, to booking and tracking those shipments, you get it all in one fell swoop. You can see immediate success just like Brighter Logistics with one simple call. Find out more about these and other tools that we offer at GlobalTranz now. Thinking about a career as a freight agent? Take a look at our freight agent opportunity program.