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AGENT Q & A – David Wayt

“Our vision is ‘We operate with a Caring Heart, a Playful Spirit, and SMOKIN’ HOT SERVICE!’ That vision is posted in multiple places in the office and on our business cards, and in our email signatures as a reminder to us of what we are all about.” – David Wayt


How did you get your start in the logistics industry? 

In 1994 I had a recording contract in Nashville, TN. During that time I met a guy who was in the logistics business and he convinced me to buy a franchise from his company. Literally hours before I was to sign the contract my Brother-in-Law who was a top 10 Agent for Landstar, called me and said he just heard I was getting into the logistics business and he was opening up a new agency in San Leandro, CA and needed a partner. I put the pen down and partnered with him, it was a great experience.

How long have you been in the industry? 

Off and on I have been in Logistics for 22 years, I did spend 4 of those years working with Franklin Covey as a “Coach/Trainer” Specializing in Management Coaching, Personal Improvement, Real Estate, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People etc. During that time I wrote 2 training manuals, one on Real Estate Investing and one on Personal Development.

How long have you been partnered with GlobalTranz? 

I have been with GlobalTranz for 12 months in October of this year. It has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. With GlobalTranz help and support we have doubled our business since last October and are still trending upward.

What do you find inspiring/motivating? 

I have always been inspired by those who make an effort and sacrifice to help others, although I am not always “that guy” I still try to be. Part of our mission statement for My Logistics Partner states that we want to “Employ Good People and give them the tools and support they need to make a Great Living for themselves and their families.”

How many members are on your team? 

We currently have 11 members of our team. Jhana and Krystal in Accounting and Support (both part time) Jon and Troy in Freight Management and Operations, Steve and Johnny in Outside sales (commission only) Coby, Ryan and Dave in Inside Sales (base plus commission) myself as President ie. “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer”, and my sweet wife Gina is our CFM “Chief Financial Mom”.

Do you utilize Customer Service, if so how big is your CSR team? 

We do utilize the GlobalTranz Customer Service Team, however most of our work in that regard is done by our own Team.   Our vision is “We operate with a Caring Heart, a Playful Spirit, and SMOKIN’ HOT SERVICE!” That vision is posted in multiple places in the office and on our business cards, and in our email signatures as a reminder to us of what we are all about.

Where do you see yourself and your business within the next year? 

Over the next year we anticipate that our growth trend will continue. I would like to hire one more inside sales rep, but of course our revenue needs to get to that point where it would easily support another Team Member. Ideally we would like our gross revenue to be over 6 million.

What are you currently working on? 

I am constantly trying to “systemize” what we do. In other words to create and maintain internal systems where if each member does A and B they can expect C. Along with our account managers we experiment with lists, time schedules follow ups etc to fine-tune our sales and retention model. Nurturing our current customer base is much more productive than cold calling, however, we know that growth only comes through new business so a balance between the 2 are crucial. And there is always the possibility that you will lose a large customer for reasons that are out of your control, so bringing in new customers is a critical element of what we do. Each of my Account reps is aware of the principle that no customer should be responsible for more than 25% of the business, because losing them could be disastrous.

What service do you utilize the most (i.e. LTL, FLT, Expedited, Supply Chain) 

In order to reach our financial goals we are putting an emphasis on Truckload freight, however we have discovered that LTL is a great way to keep a steady base, as well as to be an easy way to introduce our company, gain their trust through outstanding service, and open the door to a customer’s Truckload freight and other services that we can render. Politically correct or not, we have referred to LTL as the “Gateway drug to Truckload.”

What obstacles have you overcome to get thus far? 

I think the biggest obstacle I have had to overcome in our growth is to get and maintain “buy in” from our own team. As we grow I think it becomes more difficult for those who are not directly connected to the income and revenue stream to see how important their responsibilities actually are, and how they truly are connected to it. We occasionally post on the whiteboard in the office “Yes we are still doing that” as a reminder to continue to follow the course of action that we have determined is appropriate for each position in the company. One of the things we do to connect one another is that we have regular company meetings in the conference room (we call it the War Room). We all stand up and sing our Fight Song called “Its a Great day to be a Freight Guy!” (complete with actions) then give updates on how we are doing as a company and make adjustments there. After the business portion we have a spinning wheel, and a plinko game complete with prizes anywhere between a snickers wrapped in a $10.00 bill and $25 dollar card to Nordstrom or Appleby’s etc. Whenever an Account Manager has a new customer who actually booked a shipment since last meeting, he or she gets a spin, when the combined new customers of all the Account Managers is 5 or more, the whole office gets a spin for each multiple of 5. Sometimes that gets a little expensive but surely pays off in the long run in morale, camaraderie and revenue.What are some words of encouragement you can give to newer agents just getting started?

What are some words of encouragement you can give to newer agents just getting started? 

If I were to give advice to new agents it would be to identify and prioritize your roles in life and write them down. Mine are Husband, Father, CEO, Self Improver etc. Every week before your week starts, identify the 2 or 3 things that you could do that would have the most positive impact on each of those roles. Then, insert those important items in your calendar (not your to do list).   If you have the integrity to keep all those promises to yourself you will maintain a balance in your life and enrich your career, your family and your spirit.


Where are you from? 

I grew up in the rough part of town in the San Fernando Valley, in Southern California. Later moved to Utah and attended Brigham Young University (Go Cougs) and settled here in Utah County. I have a beautiful wife, 7 above average children and 11 (and counting) adorable grandkids.

Where do you like to travel? 

Because most of my career I have been either the only employee or so hands on that it was difficult to get away, I have not done allot of traveling to faraway places, but because family time has been so important, I have a motor home that we can all jump in and head for the mountains. That has been the source of many fun activities and memories.

Do you have any hobbies? 

When I was 21 and in college, I joined and sang in a local dance band to help make ends meet. I am now 62 and am still performing in bands (and an occasional community play). Creating and performing music is magic to me and makes all my concerns melt away.

What do you like to do in your downtime, who do you like to spend it with? 

With 7 children and 11 grandchildren, my downtime is always consumed with family activities. There is never a dull moment, and I can truly say my life is full.

Have you read any motivational/inspiring books lately?

I like to read nonfiction books and my scriptures. Anything from biographies to self-improvement, and business improvement. Although I have ready many nonfiction books, I have a tough time getting started with them because the little over achiever in my head wonders how this is going to help me in the future. “Becoming Your Best” by Steven R. Shallenberger is my nightstand reference book. I will occasionally skip my scheduled reading and open it at a random spot and remind myself of what’s important.

Anything else you’d like to share… we’d love to hear it.

My Aunt Margie use to say, “Everyone has their own sack of rocks to drag around.” And it’s true that we all have challenges whether business or personal. It is key to keep your priorities straight or as Steven Covey said “The main thing is to keep the main thing as the main thing”. One tire out of balance shakes the whole car! Strive to keep a balance with your body, mind, spirit and relationships.   This business can be lucrative but it can also consume your life.   If you do not make a conscious effort to maintain all elements in your life that are important to you, the loudest one will take control.




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