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Did you put in the work to become a freight agent or broker but are struggling to pull in clients or to manage your freight? If so, it is not too late to turn the ship around and get your business back in black. You just need some help from GlobalTranz.

Looking for Something Better?

Zach Freeman was once a work-a-day guy, watching the clock and living for the weekends. He had worked for the same company for nearly seven years and was still not seeing the growth or income that he had hoped for. He asked himself, ‘Is there anything better?

Like many freight agents trying to breakthrough in the freight industry, Zach realized that he needed help getting his business off the ground. He found GlobalTranz and read about how our logistics software programs can revolutionize the way freight agents do business.


“GlobalTranz was a place I could go to take my business to the next level.” It took Zach a year to transition over to GlobalTranz, merging all of his clients over, enabling him to move at his own pace. At the end of that year, Zach had more than doubled his business. Today he is one of our top producing GlobalTranz freight agents.

GlobalTranz Technology Makes the Difference

Ask most any freight agent working with GlobalTranz and they will tell you that it is our technology that separates us from our competitors. That is because we are innovators in the freight logistics industry.

Our goal is to create the type of technology that helps our agents to compete on a global scale. Our philosophy is the sky is the limit. You can make your business as successful as you want it to be. We provide you the tools to make it happen.

For instance, when Zach transitioned over to GlobalTranz, he took advantage of one of our most comprehensive tools to date; the CommandCenter. For Zach’s team, CommandCenter is the centralized point of access for all of his agents where they can manage their daily tasks.

Like many of our independent freight agents, Zach added Carrierrate2.0 to his business in order to simplify things for his customers. Through Carrierrate2.0, Zach’s clients can go in and request a quick quote. They are able to get the ball rolling while Zach and his team focus their time on building up their client base on the sales side of things.

GlobalTranz Goes the Extra Mile

What Zach finds equally as impressive as our technology is the way that our employees at GlobalTranz go the extra mile to aid our agents. We are there to answer our agents’ calls and emails promptly so that they are never left in the lurch. Our support is always there.

“They care so much about me being successful that they go that extra mile to make sure that I am taken care of.” – Zach Freeman

It is that kind of above and beyond thinking that has built GlobalTranz into the success that it is. Our focus on making the lives of our customers and our customers’ customers easier is what shapes each and every piece of new technology we create. We ask ourselves:

  • Will this make our agents’ jobs easier?
  • Will this improve our agents’ customer service capabilities?
  • Will this provide our agents’ with a bigger platform?
  • Will this help our agent to secure more clients?

Just look at how our CommandCenter program covers all of the bases. Our interactive dashboard gives you up-to-the-second reporting on many different data points. If you want to analyze a particular client’s purchase history, you can do that. If you want to compare your sales from this time last year versus this year you can do that too all from one interface.

Now Zach’s friends are taking notice of how much money Zach is now bringing in all while working on his own schedule. His life has totally changed from the time he first clicked on the link and today. He has a full-time assistant and several sales reps working underneath him to help him to continue to grow long into the future.

GlobalTranz Technology + Support = Success

Are you inspired now to at least see what hooking up with GlobalTranz can do for you too? It is really simple to get started. Just click here to access our Freight Agent Opportunity Program. Read all about the program and submit your information to get started.

At GlobalTranz we are changing lives on a daily basis, helping freight agents to become successful and make money all while growing their own freight business. Our reward is seeing our people grow personally and professionally. Become part of a winning team with GlobalTranz today. Contact us for more information.