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If you can’t get a package from A to B within 24 – 48 hours to anywhere on the globe, you are not meeting today’s customer demands. That’s right, customer demand is that herculean but the good news is, you could handle it. You just have to get ahead of the current b2b marketing trends for freight agents.

B2B Marketing for Freight Agents

What is B2B marketing or Business-to-Business marketing? For freight agents it is your efforts to promote your freight business to related companies within your industry niche. For example, if you are a medical device transporter, your B2B marketing plan would be targeted at hospitals, medical schools, research facilities, etc.

When you build your business on ties such as these, you are building a healthy portfolio of well-paying customers who will typically move thousands of dollars worth of goods and products with you every month. If your goal is to build your startup freight business into a brand name, you need to tighten up your customer service.

Focus is on Customer Service

The number one marketing trend for b2b marketing in general is the focus on providing a better overall customer service experience. All of the other current trends for freight agents trying to sure up their b2b marketing is customer service-centric.

Mainly because of the move from brick and mortar businesses to online business, business interactions with customers online have been woefully non-customer-friendly. Technology is making it much easier now to provide responsive and personal customer service even online.

  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking
  • DocuSign and Scannable Documents
  • Interactive Maps
  • Two Click Shipment Booking

When you are trying to attract a new carrier or shipper to choose you as their freight agent, you need to prove to them that you can provide their customers the most responsive customer service. GlobalTranz is a leader in transportation management solutions and customer relationship management software.

Being More Human Online

In an effort to improve online b2b marketing, the trend is in providing more human interactions online. Take for example pop-up chat boxes where you can speak with a live attendant instantly on a website.

It provides a solution for someone who is actively on the freight agent’s website and in need of assistance immediately. Instead of a link that leads to a static FAQ page, your customers can ask more specific questions.

Another example is the confirmation you receive in your inbox after you make a purchase online. Instead of sending a “no-reply” auto-response, today’s online customer experience demands a subject line addressed to the recipient and a sender’s name, even if it is a business.

Personalized auto-responses are also taking the place of traditional online marketing. There are tools out there that can help freight agents deploy these types of online techniques for their individual websites to help reel in new business.

Using Online Content to Market Your Freight Business

In addition to using responsive customer service tools to provide a better customer service experience, another trend in b2b marketing for freight agents is to use website content to attract new business. This strategy is successful when you use your content to:

  • Talk About Your Services
  • Give Helpful Advice and Tips
  • Book and Manage Shipments
  • Discuss Industry Trends
  • Announce Awards and Recognition

Remember your audience when it comes to b2b marketing. You are not targeting individual shippers but rather shipping companies that deliver to individuals and businesses. That means that your content should provide information that other industry professionals will find useful and will hopefully cite on their websites.

Find Out What’s New with GlobalTranz

Our focus on innovation doesn’t stop at our software programming. We are always focused on staying ahead of what’s new at GlobalTranz. That is why our programs are top of the market. We pass that on to all of our partner agents too.

The Freight Agent Opportunity Program is the only training program for freight agents backed by GlobalTranz. Using an entrepreneurial model, we aid our agents in building their own freight businesses while earning a salary from GlobalTranz as a freight agent or broker.

Learn from the best and build a winning platform for launching a terrific career as a freight agent. If you are interested in learning more about our products and services browse around our website and then give us a call for more information.