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Everything is computerized today, but your customer service can still have that personal touch. Especially for freight agents, your customer relationship strategy will either make or break your freight business. Learn how to use your skills and the tools at your disposal to drive exceptional customer relationships.

Using Technology to Make Real Connections

Maybe one of the most useful characteristics of today’s technology as it relates to customer relationships is the ability to connect. Whether you are chatting with old high school classmates on Facebook or fulfilling shipment requests with your contacts in India, technology has shrunk the globe.

But just being able to send and receive messages and data is not making real connections. For exceptional customer relationships, you need to put the name with the face, so to speak. Instead of only using technology as a transactional tool between you and your customers, it should be a means to really communicate with them.

  • Have Face-to-Face Interactions: When you take on a new account, spend some time on Skype or Face Time nailing down specifically what they are looking to get out of your relationship and letting them know what you can do for them.
  • Be There When Problems Arise: If there are delays, issues, or your customer is in a bind, let them know how important their problems are to you. Pick up the phone, get face-to-face, and assure them through more than just a text or a chat message.
  • Focus on Making Your Customers Happy: The customer is not always right. But when the customer is not happy, it is bad for business. Your goal should always be to make them happy and to show them how important their happiness is to you.
  • Congratulate them on their success; send them a thank you note for being a loyal customer. Show them that you genuinely care about having them on your team.

In Logistics Service Trumps Brand

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for a hundred years or one year. In today’s business environment, it is how well you treat your customers that wins you business. In fact, a recent study by the Harvard Business Review showed that people will choose a company they’ve never heard of over one with a well known brand name if they can count on better customer service from the lesser known company.

The same holds true for freight agents and brokers. It doesn’t matter if you are competing with a national chain or not. You have the benefit of agility and nimbleness. When something goes wrong in their supply chain, they turn to 3PLs to carry their product the rest of the way.

You should be that go-to freight agent with the most reliable 3PLs ready to carry the ball. The national chains will be looking for you the next time trouble arises and so will other 3PLs.

Competing with the Big Names with Exceptional Customer Relationships

How well this works is not just proven in a case study. This is evident in the growing share of the logistics market taken up by individual freight agencies. Technology is enabling small and startup businesses to compete with the big name logistics chains in many ways and customer relationships is one of them.

You are in a prime position as a freight agent, particularly when using GlobalTranz proprietary software, to provide creative solutions to logistics problems. Your 3PLs benefit from quick and real-time route updates, traffic jams, detours, weather emergencies, etc.

3PLs can adjust on the fly to whatever comes their way and your customers can relax knowing that they have you and their carrier tracking their shipments from beginning to end. Plus finding ways to scoop up low hanging fruit and businesses that can turn to you to save on overhead is much easier to do using big data.

Making Shipping Easier for Your Customers

The bottom line is, your customers want simple and easy. The easier you can make the shipping process for your customers, the better. That includes billing and payments, booking, tracking, last minute deliveries, and more.

What we do at GlobalTranz is build the type of technology that makes logistics simple and easy for your customers. We give you the tools and some helpful advice to give you the know-how to build those winning customer relationships that are so critical to your business success.

Freight Agents Drive Exceptional Customer Relationships with GlobalTranz Technology

Rarely do we have to explain what a force GlobalTranz is in the logistics market. We have been setting the standard for the entire industry for more than a decade now. Our agents are able to compete on a grand scale and more importantly, build strong, lasting, and profitable relationships with their customers.

Don’t you want to see what a freight agency built on driving exceptional customer relationships looks like? Simply contact us to discuss adding our advanced technology to your business operations today.

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