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Today we finalize our most viewed articles from the Cerasis blog by featuring the most read freight articles published in 2015.

As a recap, and for easy to access link, we have showcased the following:

Now, under each of these 5 main categories are several sub categories. We encourage you to use the search function at the right of the blog or the category picker to find any content you’d like to read. We have published now over 650 articles, and so you should almost find anything related to manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation, and freight. 

Top Freight Articles of 2015

The following freight articles differed somewhat with the other top articles of 2015 in that the most viewed freight articles were not about technology or were not featuring infographics. However, this is expected as freight is much more tactical than say a broad look at manufacturing or even transportation management. Freight is something that you ship. Often, people refer to the management of freight, as freight management, however, in our opinion, we like to take a step up and realize that what some call freight management since you do ship freight, we call transportation management. Why? Well, your freight, in order for you to receive it inbound or ship out to your customer, has many more factors in the management of it beyond that piece of freight. There are carrier relations, transportation accounting, understanding of the tools and technology, dealing with freight claims issues, and planning strategically with suppliers and customers. 

With that said, when we call a blog post a freight blog, it will focus more on the actual freight vs. the strategies and other factors involved beyond that freight. Given that, the most read freight articles of 2015 focused on some changes coming to freight, such as concealed damage laws and DIM Pricing. We also had some great information for those who work in the freight industry. Without further ado, here is our last “Most viewed” articles blog post featuring the 10 most read freight articles of 2015. 

10. The 7 Best Events For Freight Shipping in 2015

Are you up-to-date with the latest events in freight shipping and logistics? As you know, the atmosphere for freight brokers is only getting more competitive. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s not just a question of reading industry newsletters. Staying current in the world of shipping and freight also takes strong networking and communication. Conferences and expos are a chance for you to hear from the industry’s top players, and most importantly, build relationships with other freight shipping professionals. Read the Full Article Here

9. Overcoming the 5 Most Common Upfront Challenges in Shipping LTL

Shipping products and goods is the lifeblood of our economy. Being able to get your product where it needs to be is the only way to put it in the hands of the consumers that use it, and as such shipping will be a major part of your company’s operations. There are numerous terms within the shipping industry, but one that stands out to most people is shipping LTL. Read the Full Article Here

8. Truck Driver Wage Increase Expected to Increase Shipping Costs Lending Towards Shippers To Focus on Transportation Management

Those in the trucking industry may finally get that big pay raise they’ve been wanting for decades. But what will this mean to those on the logistics side of shipping and receiving? After all, if if there is a truck driver wage increase that money has to come from somewhere. The major concern throughout the logistics sector is that the increased pay will cause shipping costs to spike. While there is little doubt that truckers deserve a pay raise, nor that it will indeed take place, the issue for logistics firms is in understanding how to brace for impact. Read the full Article here

7. [WHITE PAPER] The Complete Guide for Shippers to Process & Master Freight Claims

It’s been said that the one area that most shippers are the least knowledgeable in is that of claims for freight loss and damage. However, this does not mean that an understanding of freight claims isn’t vital to running an efficient transportation and logistics department. he late William J. Augello, co-author of Freight Claims in Plain English, had a passion about this topic as few others have. I believe that there are at least two reasons why Bill felt so strongly about the importance of understanding claims. The first reason is financial. Unrecovered claims have a direct impact upon the bottom line of a company—and the tougher the economic times and thinner the margins the greater the impact.  Get the White Paper Here.

6. 8 Action Items Shippers Can Take to Minimize the Cost Effects of DIM Pricing for Less-Than-Truckload Shipping

The latest industry-pricing trend, dimensional weight pricing, or often referred as “DIM Pricing,” calls for LTL freight cost calculations using pounds per cubic foot of space occupied on the truck. Both UPS and FedEx recently announced dimension-weight pricing plans for parcel/small packages effective Dec. 29 and Jan. 1, respectively. Shippers using LTL freight options will want to prepare their 2015 budgets with DIM pricing in mind. Read the Full Article Here.

5. Concealed Freight Damage: NMFTA Changes Reporting Window Effective April 18, 2015

As the world becomes hyperconnected, the demand for rapid response for concealed freight damage, general freight damage or missing items from shipments has changed. On April 18, 2015, the National Motor Freight Traffic Assocation® has amended the NMFC rules regarding the required time frames for reporting concealed freight damage. Since third-party logistics providers (3PLs), especially those involved in order fulfillment and shipping processes, have a duty to ensure accuracy and delivery of merchandise, the NMTA®’s decision to reduce the reporting time frame will greatly impact the course of business. However, you must understand what causes damage, how it plays into this decision and how it will change business processes in transportation management services. Near the end of this post, you will see the full legalese of the changes made by the NMFTA. Read the Full Article Here.

4. Concealed Damage Claims: 3 Myths Busted & 5 Tips to Stay Proactive

One of our customers is a subscriber of our blog and read the “Concealed Freight Damage: NMFTA Changes Reporting Window Effective April 18, 2015” blog post. He asked us to put together some tips on how to proactively deal with concealed damage as well as had a lot of questions. Between this customer email and the quick interest in the blog post, our freight claims management team has gone ahead and given you first, 3 myths to dispel around concealed damage claims as well as 5 tips to stay proactive on the front end when it comes to concealed damage claims you will have to file. Read the Full Article Here.

3. The New Dimensional Weight Pricing Mechanism and Its Implications on Freight Shipping Costs

Have you noticed how some of your shipping invoices are slightly different from what they use to be? Freight companies have adopted (or are in the process of adopting) a new method of calculating package shipping and it’s going to have significant implications on your shipping costs, especially if you happen to use LTL (less-than-truckload) and ground parcel service regularly.

Expanded use of dimensional weight pricing in ground package shipping will push more less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers to test or offer dimensional pricing as an option to shippers, according to speakers at the SMC3 Connections 2014 conference last June 23-25, 2014. Read the full Article Here.

2. 7 Freight Costs Considerations That Will Have Shippers Rethinking In-House Transportation Management

Freight costs are eminently controllable, however, efficiently managing this major budget item requires expertise. In the complex world of modern transportation, companies lacking the experience to professionally handle the intricacies of transportation management are sure to find controlling shipping costs an extreme challenge. For the company determined to try, it is critical to maintaining constant guard on cost controls at every turn in every transaction, a daunting proposition for most companies whose competencies are not developed with optimal freight costs control as a core area of focus. Here are just some of the typical issues that businesses encounter in undertaking self-management of freight transportation management. Read the Full Article Here.

1. What Freight Brokers Should Expect in 2015 

As a freight broker, you know the importance of staying ahead of trends in your business. 2014 was a dynamic year for shipping and freight, and 2015 might present us with some surprising changes as well. One month in, here are our predictions for freight brokers in 2015. Read the Full Article Here

We hope you have enjoyed our articles for 2015! These freight articles along with all the other categories will continue to educate and provide value in 2016! Our last blog post of the year is tomorrow and will give you the top 50 blog posts of ALL time from the Cerasis blog. It will have a lot of good info, so make sure you stay tuned for the last of 2015 featuring the best!

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