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Today we come to the finale of our annual series during the first week of July, coinciding with Independence Day on July 4th to highlight the top supply chain, logistics, & freight podcasts as published by Cerasis in 2019 on “The Freight Project Podcast.”

“The Freight Project Podcast” is a show that features freight podcasts from subject matter experts of the freight world not only at Cerasis, but also all around the supply chain on various disciplines with the goal of giving shippers that expertise to take back to their shipping departments, colleagues, and the overall supply chain to gain efficiency, remain competitive, and root out wasted resources.

If you are interested in providing your expertise on “The Freight Project Podcast” please shoot us an email to let us know you’re interested. We’d love to have you as a featured guest on our freight podcasts!

You can listen to all of the freight podcasts on “The Freight Project Podcast” by going over to our podcast section on our blog.

Most Downloaded Freight Podcasts from 2019 So Far

Today we share the top supply chain, logistics, & freight podcasts of the first half of 2019 along with these other top view getters from the following content assets in this week-long series:

We hope you enjoy this annual wrap up of our top 10 freight podcasts of the first half of 2019.

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Here they are without any further ado!

Freight & Transportation

What are the Freight & Transportation Trends in 2019 for Shippers to Know

Listen to the Episode Transportation Management Tech

Transportation Management Technology’s Role in Giving Control back to the Shipper

Listen to the Episode Logistics Services Providers

Amazon’s Push to Compete with Logistics Services Providers

Listen to the Episode Marketing Logistics Services

Marketing Logistics Services: A Discussion on Getting Attention Online

Listen to the Episode Missed Freight Pick Ups

Why Do Missed Freight Pickups Occur & What Can Shippers Do About Them

Listen to the Episode The State of Freight Pricing

The State of Freight Shipping Pricing & What Carriers Want for “Shipper of Choice” Status

Listen to the Episode Inbound Routing Guide

What is an Inbound Routing Guide & Why Do Shippers Need One

Listen to the Episode Volume LTL

Best Practices & Tips to Manage Volume LTL

Listen to the Episode Blockchain in Shipping & Freight

The Application of Blockchain in Shipping & Freight: A Pragmatic & Frank Discussion

Listen to the Episode E-Commerce for LTL Solutions

E-Commerce and LTL: Why Freight Shippers are Mastering E-Commerce Logistics

Listen to the Episode