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Freight management remains a beast of burden for domestic and international shippers. Regulations remain in a state of flux. Consumer expectations are always increasing, especially due to Amazon, Walmart and Target. E-commerce is now synonymous with shipping, and everything is omnichannel. Digital transformation extends across all industries, and the global supply chains must respond. Moreover, the importance of cost avoidance strategies and consistent freight tactics has never been greater.

Failure to devise an end-to-end strategy for keeping freight spend under control will lead to added costs, stressed workers, higher expenses, lower returns, increased inventory disruption, and other hurdles. In the worst case scenario, shippers lose and go bankrupt. Fortunately, the right application of various freight tactics to improve overall freight management can force the onslaught of higher freight spend and trouble into retreat.

To help shippers and logistics service providers control freight costs and bolster management, this white paper will delve deeper into the following cost influencers and solutions:

  • Benefits of freight consolidation in reducing costs.
  • Factors influencing freight management. 
  • Value of LTL freight consolidation and its implications.
  • Use of automated exception management drives supply chain efficiency.
  • Balance between spot and contract freight rates.
  • Tips to increase B2B and B2C customers.
  • How a TMS improves customer experiences and thereby supply chain growth.

We hope you enjoy this educational white paper. If you want to improve your freight tactics and overall management, contact Cerasis today for information on our technology & transportation management solutions.