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Let’s play a word association game.

I say “freight tracking,” you may say: hassle, inconvenience, invasion of privacy, and benefiting only the manufacturer/shipper. But what if I told you that freight tracking benefits more than just the manufacturer/shipper?

What if I even went as far as to say that freight tracking adds value, adaption, longevity, uniformity, excellence, and safety to the carrier? Not convinced? Let me explain. ARPCO is a non-asset transportation company in Grapevine, Texas specializing in truckload and LTL services. We utilize freight tracking daily and we are excited for the opportunity presented by Cerais to share our knowledge concerning the topic in this guest blog! Please visit ARPCO Says ( for more!


freight-tracking-valuesV for Value.

(I know representing the V in value for the V in value is a tad redundant, but stay with me.) What is value? Value is “the importance or preciousness of something.” When you entrust your shipment to a logistics provider, you are allowing your shipment to be taken out of your hands and placed into another’s hands. Naturally, as a manufacturer, you want to keep track of your freight. You are the nervous parent waiting for the phone call from your child on their first road-trip, just sweating until they check in.  Freight tracking alleviates this worry entirely! Gone are the days of just hoping that it will arrive at its destination. Through freight tracking, the manufacturer is able to track (all depending on the GPS program) the shipment from its point A to point B destination. As a carrier, you are offering the surety that your truck will travel to and from that A to B point, with the visual to prove it.

A for Adapt.

The truck breaks down, bad weather, or even just long lines at the drop-off point can deter your shipment. Without freight tracking you panic! You call the dispatcher, call the driver, call the army! With freight tracking, you sip your coffee, log onto your computer and say, “Ah, I heart technology!” You can adapt to these delays by adjusting your routes and specs all because you know exactly where your shipment is at all times of the day. As a driver, you can rest assured that the hounds aren’t being sent out for you and your truck. Life happens and freight tracking allows for the seamless recovery of circumstances that are almost guaranteed in the logistics’ industry.

L for Longevity.

No brainer here, Truckers! Once the shipper knows that they can count on you to deliver their cargo they will keep using you! Cha-Ching! Money in your pocket; all because you are not afraid to allow them to check in on their precious cargo a couple times a day, which comes at no cost to you and no hassle while you are trying to drive.

U  for Uniform.

With all shipments tracked, there is no mystery or surprise. Every load travels down the highway with a little pin on the map.

E for Excellence.

From the view of a third-party logistics business, it is just good business. Offering freight tracking on all shipments allows excellent customer satisfaction from shipper to carrier. Offering freight tracking allows for our carriers to keep their hands on the steering wheel and stay safe. Which leads to the S of our VALUES.

S for Safety.

Drivers are the champions of multitasking with a million different things going on at once. Not only are you operating a 80,000 pound vehicle, you are navigating through traffic and other vehicles on the road (some not so accommodating), driving new routes, maintaining log books and keeping CSA (Carrier Safety Administration) scores in mind; you are also taking calls, God-forbid maybe even a text or email, from dispatchers and shippers who are giving out information like candy about the shipment you picked up, ALL WHILE DRIVING!

No, no, no. No more with freight tracking! Safety is key in the transportation industry. With freight tracking, you take the initial dispatch call with all of your load information, you accept the tracking on your load, you arrive at the delivery, and call to confirm that you arrived.  Two, maybe three, calls? What?! What happened to check calls every 4 hours? What happened to the blood offering you had to give to show you are en route and on time with the freight? All the old procedure is “gone like a freight train,” to quote the Montgomery Gentry country song.

So, do you want  to add V.A.L.U.E.S. to your shipments? Do you want to add V.A.L.U.E.S. to your truck?

Then Ladies and Gentlemen, track that freight!

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