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Today we continue our annual series during the first week of July, coinciding with Independence Day on July 4th to highlight the top supply chain, logistics, & freight white papers as featured on the Cerasis blog in 2019.

We take great pride in creating educational freight white papers centered around solving shippers every day problems by offering thoughts, strategies, best practices, and tips that empower shippers to track closer to problem free shipping as possible. Of course, problem free shipping is impossible, but the tips learned in these freight white papers will allow shippers to stay proactive and ready for any issues that may come up in the process of managing freight and all the processes, communications, and strategies that come with effective freight management.

You can view all of our white papers by going over to our white paper section on our blog.

Most Downloaded Logistics & Freight White Papers from 2019 So Far

Today we share the top supply chain, logistics, & freight white papers of the first half of 2019 along with these other top view getters from the following content assets in this week-long series:

We hope you enjoy this annual wrap up of our top 10 top supply chain, logistics, & freight white papers of the first half of 2019. Here they are without any further ado!

Inbound Logistics Technology

Inbound Logistics Technology: Using Technology to Compete, Reduce Costs & Gain Greater Insight

How are LTL shippers using technology to gain control, visibility, reduce costs, improve supplier relationships, & compete with improved inbound freight management?


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The State of Transportation Management Systems

The State of Transportation Management Systems, Current Trends, & Key Benefits of a TMS

Freight costs are rising & demand for lower #freight spend transcends all shippers.

The use of a TMS illuminates a path through a changing industry & this white paper explores what all shippers must know about the state of #TMS, trends, & benefits.

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2019 Transportation Management Trends Cerasis WP

The 2019 Transportation Management Trends for all Shippers to Know

What are the top trends that logistics & freight professionals should expect to see in 2019? You could call 2019 the year of focusing on the customer as well as working hard to gain “Shipper of Choice” status. Learn what’s driving the industry forward.

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importance of inbound logistics

The Importance of Inbound Logistics in Effective Freight Management

For shippers to continue saving money & meeting the expectations of consumers, they need to understand the state of inbound logistics, including the driving forces of higher inbound logistics costs and the benefits of effective inbound freight management.

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Inbound Freight Savings

How to Drive Inbound Freight Savings thru Improved Vendor Compliance Management

Inbound freight management remains an afterthought for most shippers, but the average company spends more than 40 percent of its annual freight budget on inbound freight. Unfortunately, the root of poor inbound freight management, resulting in lost inbound freight savings, often goes back to vendors and lost opportunities for improvement.

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Improving Inbound Freight Management

How Data-Driven Processes Bring Efficiencies & Reduce Inbound Costs

Data is everywhere. Applying data to processes allows you to improve. When applied to inbound freight, you can reduce costs, increase efficiencies, & improve vendor relations.

Learn in this new white paper how to improve inbound freight management using data-driven processes.


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How Technology in Logistics will Shape Shipping in 2019

How Technology in Logistics will Shape Shipping in 2019

The expansion of the global supply chain represents one of the most significant challenges and opportunities for shippers and carriers around the globe. Proper planning of logistics will allows shippers to reduce overhead expenses and overcome substantial obstacles, such as the trucker shortage or using outdated logistics technology.

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inbound freight costs

Inbound Freight Costs: How Gaining Visibility Achieves Bottom Line Savings

Improving visibility is a goal of most organizations, but inbound freight is much more than simple dock scheduling. Shippers were faced with the need to understand the inbound freight costs, transit, purchase order associations, carrier selections, vendor requirements, specifications within the inbound freight routing guide and much more.

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The Ultimate Guide to 2019 Parcel Shipping Trends

The Ultimate Guide to 2019 Parcel Shipping Trends

This is a must read for those shippers who are increasing parcel volumes thanks to the rise of e-commerce but also traditional freight shippers who are now shipping in multiple surface modes as a way to compare rates & shipping times to optimize the customer’s experience as it relates to logistics.



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Shipping in 2019

How Effective Operations Management & Technology will Enhance Shipping in 2019

Visibility into operations can lead to better collaboration and cost reductions, and technology will naturally enhance accuracy, efficiency, and visibility simultaneously. In this white paper, we’ll explore some of the leading operations and technology trends affecting supply chain management and their implication for shippers, carriers and even freight brokers or 3PLs.

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