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Friday Special: The Top 25 Blog Posts of All Time from the Logistics, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Transportation Cerasis Blog

top 25 blogs of all time

Yesterday, when we published the blog post titled, “[Webinar] Automotive Logistics: Best Practices for Effective LTL Freight Management to Stay Competitive in the Aftermarket Industry“, to promote our upcoming webinar, it was the 358th post on the Cerasis blog. We really are dedicated to writing blog posts that are informational, educational, and offer an outlook into the trends shaping the lives of those who work in fields related to manufacturing, the supply chain, freight, transportation, distribution, logistics, and transportation. From time to time, we also write about general business related subjects such as marketing or great advice.

We’ve had one main writer (me) Adam Robinson, but we’ve also had over 45 guest bloggers as well! If you ever want to be a guest blogger, just email or leave a comment below and I will reach out!

To date, we have also written some great special blog series which I encourage you to check out. You can find these special blog series by clicking on the links below:

Since we have such great content, the best way to view what you are looking for is to browse the various categories. We take pride in making sure we categorize EACH blog post so that if you want to focus on a specific subject, and learn more, you can! Here are all of the categories we have to offer:

And now we wanted to give you a special treat…..the 10 Most Popular blog posts on the Cerasis blog of all time!

Top 25 Cerasis Blogs of All Time

Post Title


3PL vs 4PL: What are these PLs, Anyway? Layers of Logistics Explained 41,168
Freight Class: What is and How To Determine LTL Freight Class 38,200
What is 5S? An Explanation of the Elements of 5S for a Lean Culture 23,206
What is LTL Shipping (Less-Than-Truckload) and How Did it Come About? 15,715
What are Incoterms and Common Definitions of Incoterms 11,494
History & Academic Definition of Supply Chain and Logistics Management 9,845
10 Factors Which Determine LTL Freight Rates 7,216
Logistics Service Level Agreement and Logistics Key Performance Indicators: A White Paper 6,677
The Importance of A Value Proposition Statement for your Business and How to Write One 6,289
Manufacturing Trends 2014: Top 10 Predictions from IDC Manufacturing Insights 5,702
Bill of Lading: Importance Of, Error Consequences, and Effective Solutions 5,645
Non-Asset Based Logistics vs. Asset Based Logistics: What’s the Difference? 5,303
What is Transportation and Logistics Management and Are They the Same Thing? 5,217
Top 4 Manufacturing Issues in America – Part 1 of 2 5,130
Third Party Logistics Companies: A Checklist When Evaluating Which 3PLs are Best for YOUR Needs 4,463
What are The Elements of a SWOT Analysis? 4,244
Third Party Logistics Services Explained, The Different Types of 3PLs, and The Various Levels of Outsourcing 3,703
8 Freight Claims Tips to Ensure You Get the Full Amount Paid 3,606
5 Benefits of TMS (Transportation Management System) 3,572
Freight Bill vs. Bill Of Lading: Knowing the Difference Is Key to Effective Logistics 3,431
The Definitive Guide to Transportation Terminology to Stay on the Same Logistics Page 3,401
The Impact of 3D Printing in the Supply Chain and Logistics Arenas 3,311
3PL Pricing Structure: Part 2 In Third Party Logistics Implementation 3,087
Why use a Third Party Logistics Provider and How to Implement a Successful 3PL Project 2,995
What is Lean Six Sigma: A Combined Management Approach 2,977

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and find it helpful! Have a great weekend!