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The world is continuing to evolve around us. As recently as a couple of decades ago, concepts like having the internet in every home and the 3D printers would have been confined to the realms of science fiction alone.

Things have changed rapidly in that time. Perhaps most interesting of all are the improvements being made in the transportation industry. Driverless cars are already on the brink of becoming a reality, but what’s next for the sector?

A Look at Futuristic Transportation

RS Online have theorized on that very matter. They’ve looked at where things could be headed and have concluded that:

  • Augmented reality could be a feature in cars by 2020.
  • By 2025 we might have introduced Sky Transportation – which would see people traveling to work via raised bridges in the sky.
  • By 2035 it could be the case that driverless cars make up 90 percent of all vehicles on the road.
  • By 2050 planes could have the power to turn transparent at the wave of a hand.

How accurate will these futuristic transportation predictions be? Only time will tell. To find out more, check out the fantastic infographic below.

Listen to “What are the Freight & Transportation Trends in 2019 for Shippers to Know” on Spreaker.

INFOGRAPHIC: When Will We See Futuristic Transportation?

From driverless cars to supersonic trains and space elevators, how will you be traveling from A to B in the not so distant future? It’s no secret that technology has been continuously evolving over the recent years, and technology is going to be changing the way we travel too.

Being stuck in traffic or late for work because of a hold up could soon be a thing of the past. To help you get an idea of what futuristic transportation could look like, we have pulled together the methods of transport that are likely to become a reality in your lifetime. We have entered the age at 20 to see what a young person today might experience in their lifetimes in the interactive infographic to see what futuristic transportation will look like.

If you want to have your own age entered, simply visit RS Components Online to enter your age here.

futuristic transporation-1 futuristic transporation-2