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It goes without saying that most companies with significant spends in outbound freight are constantly on the prowl for tools and tactics that can drive costs out of their supply chains. Before you can reduce costs, however, you have to have a handle on where the money is going; your logistics spend


At Logistics Planning Services we couldn’t agree more. We create inbound routing guides for our clients and provide load planning, and rating and dispatch tools, which are designed to wring the most out of our clients’ investment.


That’s also the premise of the article 5 Key Metrics to Monitor, Benchmark and Optimize Transportation Spend from the blog Logistics Viewpoints.


In the volatile and ever changing domestic transportation market in N. America, there is a growing need. What is it? It’s simple; it is a need to efficiently and effectively measure, track and monitor the right metrics to better manage, control and optimize costs. It sounds very simple, but in truth there are complexities.


Complexities such as:


–  What exactly am I spending today?

–  Who exactly are my best carriers and how can I work with them better?

–  How effective is my current transportation strategy and where am I missing the mark?

–  What are the right things to measure to really understand where my transportation strategy is today while getting insight into where it needs to be?


These complexities underscore a mounting concern faced by logistics executives to balance the competing pressures of both cost and service in today’s end to end supply chain. When looking at the pressure around finding this balance, two elements have been highlighted in our conversations with executives as the top two pressures. The first is fuel cost and volatility while under the pressure to compete. The second is a heightened awareness of the general cost and service impact transportation overall has on the business as a whole.”


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