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Today GlobalTranz, the 12th largest freight brokerage in America, announces that it has partnered with Recycle 1 in Phoenix, AZ to become more eco-friendly.

As the nation’s 12th largest freight brokerage, GlobalTranz’ announcement today that it is partnering with Recycle 1 to reduce the company’s carbon footprint is the first step in a companywide effort to help reduce waste through recycling and energy conservation.

“Preparing and launching our go green initiative has brought excitement and enthusiasm to our culture.  We are not only making a positive impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, but employees are bringing value to the business by being energy and waste conscience.” – Chris J. Kyriakopoulos, Credit Manager

Corporate Responsibility

Beginning with office policies that reduce waste, GlobalTranz employees are an integral part of this first phase of the company’s green revolution. Their bottom up approach began with Recycle 1 providing individual recycle bins for all GlobalTranz employees.

All Styrofoam cups have been removed from GlobalTranz offices. In their place, each individual employee received their own GlobalTranz coffee mugs and water cups to replace wasteful and polluting Styrofoam. Wooden stir sticks are now being used for coffee instead of plastic utensils.

On the company’s part, they also have a top down strategy that is aimed at helping to combat pollution and waste. First, the company converted a number of their most wasteful products to become eco-friendlier including switching to sustainable living paper towels, sponges and will be converting to plant based compostable utensils.

Recycle 1

Since 1982, Recycle 1 has been one of the leading recycling companies in the world. By targeting business waste, the company has been credited with helping produce the largest amount of reusable waste products to processing mills globally. Recycle 1 became an independent Arizona business back in 1997.

Over that time, they have become one of the most respected and reliable waste auditors for businesses. The team goes on site to perform a waste and recycling audit to pinpoint areas where an individual company is producing waste that could and should be recycled. Once the audit is complete, Recycle 1 develops a comprehensive recycling plan specifically designed for that business.

To the Future

For GlobalTranz, this is only the beginning. In addition to partnering with Recycle 1 to reduce paper and plastic waste, the company plans on instituting even more dramatic green policies. As a responsible Arizona business the company is determined to do their part to help protect the environment.

“Our GlobalTranz ‘Green Team’ has future plans to further evaluate our facility and our overall operations to look for more ways to reduce costs and lessen our carbon footprint.”

In logistics, the move to more sustainable energy and waste reduction is just beginning. From more fuel efficient fleets to the rise of LTL and FT carriers and brokers, protecting the planet is a global problem that takes a global solution. GlobalTranz understands their duty as one of the biggest logistics brokerages in the world to set an example by being a leader in this area.

Moreover, new methods of waste reduction are leading to streamlined operations and increasing profits for many. In that way, the green revolution is a win-win for both businesses and the planet. GlobalTranz hopes by instituting these policies now, they can help get the ball rolling for logistics firms.

Using state of the art technology, GlobalTranz is used to being a trendsetter in the logistics industry. This new mission to go green is just another example of GlobalTranz dedication to being a responsible global citizen. Today’s announcement is just the latest in GlobalTranz’ 13 year history of excellence.


About GlobalTranz

GlobalTranz is a technology-enabled logistics company specializing in freight management services including LTL, Full Truckload, Supply Chain Management, and Domestic Air/Expedited shipping. Their team focuses on innovative technology and partnering with sales professionals that possess energy, insight and a fervent customer service mentality.

GlobalTranz has created a one-stop-shop for its customer base of over 25,000 shippers through providing Less-Than-Truckload, Full Truckload, Supply Chain and Expedited Services. In 2016, Transport Topics Announced GlobalTranz as the 12th Largest Freight Brokerage Firm in the US. GlobalTranz is a leading company in the $157 Billion Dollar third-party logistics industry, with annual revenue exceeding $500M and growing every year. GlobalTranz currently has 500+ employees and is growing rapidly.