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“Jennifer has always been willing to take on additional responsibility.  Her leadership skills, along with her work ethic and her interpersonal skills, will permit her to continue to do great things at GlobalTranz. “ Marty Sinicrope, President


GlobalTranz is pleased to announce Jennifer Gomez as the 2015 Employee of the Year. Jennifer has been with GlobalTranz for just over 4 years and has worked as a customer service rep (CSR) and with the Agent Support Department. She was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has lived in Phoenix, AZ for the majority of her life.

Jennifer comes to GlobalTranz from a large property management firm and was recommended by friends that had already been working with the company. Her responsibilities include; solving helpdesk tickets, setting up new agencies, setting up new GlobalTranz employees, sending out all mass communications, assisting with troubleshooting issues for software programs, as well as being responsible for all agent related activities, such as the agent convention and the monthly agent owner call.

“Multi-tasking is a huge piece of being successful and being able to juggle the multiple roles of my job,” said Jennifer when asked about her success at GlobalTranz. “Also being able to work well with anyone is a plus… a willingness to help others.”

When asked what she liked most about her work, she stated, “I love the atmosphere and all the people. Working with people you like and work well with is a huge part of it. I also like that the job is very fast paced so it keeps you going and your days fly by.”

Jennifer has always shown the ability to work hard and learn at an accelerated pace. Coming to GlobalTranz, she had little to no experience as a customer service rep. Despite the lack of experience, she states as one of her past accomplishments, “I became a CSR lead shortly after (being hired) and then a few years after that I moved over to agent support (where she currently works).”

“Being named Employee of the Year has probably been the most memorable moment of my GlobalTranz career. I was not expecting it and it was nice to know that hard work pays off!”


Due to her hard work and commitment, Jennifer has recently been named Manager of Agent Operations, making her responsible for the oversight of the Agent Support staff as well as the CSR team. Speaking to her new position, Marty Sinicrope, President of GlobalTranz stated, “Jennifer has been a crucial component to the success of the agent support division for quite some time, and her willingness to take on new responsibilities has helped her to rise to her new role.”

Please help us congratulate Jennifer Gomez on being named GlobalTranz Employee of the Year as well as her promotion to Manager of Agent Operations.


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