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GlobalTranz Enhances AI in its Logistics Platform with ThoughtSpot 

Logistics is an increasingly data-rich space, however, making sense of that data can be a challenge for shippers and logistics service providers alike. That’s why GlobalTranz partnered with ThoughtSpot to integrate their fast, scalable, and user-friendly analytics and AI capabilities with GTZconnect®GlobalTranz’s TMS platform.  

Combining GTZconnect and ThoughtSpot allows users to more easily find and use relevant data, empowering them to make more informed, real-time business decisions. GlobalTranz also leverages AI to create nuanced carrier and driver personae. Through GTZampTMGlobalTranz’s next-generation digital freight matching technology, these personae allow users to build efficient, cost-saving, and highly desirable multi-movement routes which take into account a host of variables, including driver preferences. Together, GlobalTranz and ThoughtSpot are transforming data-driven insights into action. 

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