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GlobalTranz Executive Chairman Bob Farrell Discusses Market Trends, Technology, and More on Supply Chain Now Radio

GlobalTranz Executive Chairman Bob Farrell Discusses Market Trends, Technology, and More on Supply Chain Now Radio 

GlobalTranz Executive Chairman Bob Farrell sat down with the hosts of Supply Chain Now Radio at the recent eft 3PL & Supply Chain Summit in Atlanta, GA, to discuss current trends in the logistics and supply chain industry (listen to the full episode) 

Here are some highlights from the informative and wide-ranging discussion: 

On challenges shippers are facing in today’s marketplace: 

  • “Buyer behavior is changing as a result of e-commerce…even if you are not involved in e-commerce you are impacted.”  
  • “We provide a more managed/solutions approach…we help our customers figure out how to get their SKUs closer to their customers, how to balance manufacturing output across the country to optimize costs and service as the market goes through seasonal fluctuations like produce season, etc.” 

On the importance of taking a holistic and strategic approach to logistics and supply chain management: 

  • “One of the things that has changed a lot is that the vendor relationship has become much more strategic…logistics and supply chain management is not just a cost of doing business- it is a strategic imperative… logistics determines whether a company is going to succeed or not.” 

On significant technology developments in 2019: 

  • You can’t sit on your laurels if you are a technology innovator. (GlobalTranzhas introduced a software company approach to how we build our products.” 
  • “A lot of the work this year has been on our analytics platform to provide visibility through dashboards.” 
  • “We released new version of our TMS that takes a different approach. We look at everything as a movement independent of currency, mode or the number of vendors involved. Shippers want a holistic approach.” 
  • We have dramatically improved our agent platform...We have the best agents in the business. We want to recruit more so we need to continue to develop the tools they need to be successful.” 

On the top trends today:  

  • One of the things we see happening is our shipper customers changing the modes they used to use to modes that are going to get their products they are selling into their customer’s hands more quickly.” 
  • There is a proliferation of data. Making sense of that data is one thing, but the real trend is around making that data actionable. 
  • “Whether you are ordering a pizza or a pair of sneakers, consumers have become accustomed to having a certain level of visibility and information about what’s going on with your shipment and now that is shifting over to the B2B side of things. If the shipment happens to be 5 flatbeds of steel you want to be able to see and deal with it the same as your sneakers.” 

On key takeaways from the eft conference: 

  • What strikes me is how companies all around our space are coming together…the space is becoming much more integrated...the players that do not figure out how to integrate with other players in the space are going to be left on the sideline.” 

On the importance of diversity and inclusion at GlobalTranz: 

  • “We want to create opportunities for everybody to move up and expand their careers...Diversity creates a lot of different perspectives at the board table, the management table and in the ranks of the company. We become stronger as a result of diversity, not only on a gender basis but on all bases.” 

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