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GlobalTranz Executive Chairman Bob Farrell Interviewed by Supply Chain Now Radio

GlobalTranz Executive Chairman Bob Farrell recently sat down with the hosts of Supply Chain Now Radio to discuss current trends in the logistics and supply chain industry (listen to the full episode). Here are some highlights from the informative and wide-ranging discussion: 

On the importance of culture: 

  • “For us, from the first time we meet a potential (acquisition) target, we look at the cultural fit. Do they share our common goals? Are the community-minded? Are they growth-minded? Are they looking to further the careers of everyone in the organization? The numbers can all line up perfectly, but if you’re not aligned mentally, it’s difficult. We have run away from some deals because we felt that the cultures wouldn’t fit.” 

On the importance of diversity and inclusion: 

  • “At GlobalTranz we are right at about 50/50 gender-wise. And we haven’t really tried. Diversity should be a natural occurrence. It just happened because we put the best people in the right jobs. We are the largest 3PL with a female CEO. We may have the only female CEO in the Top 25 logistics providers.” 
  • “We want inclusion, we want to be diverse. We think the perspective that gets created at the management table, down in the trenches, in the boardroom, across the company, when you’ve got diversity, you’re going to be much stronger. You’re going to understand what’s going on in the market much better, you’re going to be able to serve your customers better.” 

On technology: 

  • “We move freight but we only do that through technology…From a service perspective where we really differentiate ourselves is that we bring the technology to the table and we also bring the executional ability to the table.” 
  • “We want to know where every piece of available capacity is in the world, regardless of mode.” 
  • “We put the technology in the hands of our end-users. That’s a big change in this industry.” 
  • “I think you will see in 2019 and in 2020, people looking for more ways to leverage data, and use data as a competitive and operative advantage.” 
  • “(GlobalTranz CEO Renee Krug) has called 2019 the year of technology for GlobalTranz. We want to have as much innovation in 2019 technology-wise as we have had since (the company’s founding) in 2003.” 

On how e-commerce is changing the freight marketplace: 

  • “Changing buying behaviors of e-commerce are changing the landscape of freight, specifically if you look at B2B buyers adopting B2C-like techniques.” 
  • “That’s changing freight from nice, convenient, dense freight to big and bulky to light and fluffy, it changes the pricing dynamics, not only with LTL but across truckload.” 

On infrastructure: 

  • “It (infrastructure) is currently limiting our ability to roll out autonomous trucking as fast as we should be.” 

On the outlook for the market in 2019: 

  • “2018 was a great year for our sector. I think 2019 is going to be interesting. We already see some loosening up of capacity and some changes in the pricing dynamics so I think 2019 might be a difficult year-over-year compare for a lot of the public companies in our space which may create some opportunities.” 

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