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One of the things we look forward to at GlobalTranz is our Internship Program—when Junior and Senior university students are welcomed into the GlobalTranz family to expand their business knowledge and gain a greater understanding of the Supply Chain and Logistics industries. It’s a win-win for all involved, as our interns also bring great energy and new ideas to the table.

We believe the community also benefits by the strong foundation that is built between our company and the metro Phoenix area, as well as the partnerships that are created with local university Business and Supply Chain colleges.

During the duration of the internship, our interns deal with multiple departments as well as learn the industry and daily business expectations in this fast-paced environment. These are just a few of the roles and responsibilities that this class of interns took on:

  • Classroom-based learning focused on general business and supply chain processes
  • An understanding of how different freight markets work and how businesses move product in a global economy
  • The daily goals of each division at GlobalTranz and their place in the company’s success
  • Learning Senior Carrier Representatives processes to solidify capacity throughout the lower 48 states
  • Observe the booking, scheduling, and tracking of shipments
  • Explore how Logistics Specialists target certain markets and customers to maximize profit and capacity
  • Help to ensure our Carrier Partners are adhering to DOT compliance, safety ratings, and have all the necessary paperwork on file
  • Learn the aspects of negotiating and securing truckload capacity
  • Explore customer and carrier satisfaction
  • Assist in vendor payment and document acquisition
  • And more!

The GlobalTranz Intern Process Improvement Project

As part of our internship program, we also challenge the team to find a process within GlobalTranz that interests them and then detail a plan to fix or improve that process. They shadow multiple departments, come up with a proposal, follow through with the project, and give a presentation on their findings and share how they believe it should be implemented. These process improvement projects allow our interns to use lean process improvement methods as well as Six Sigma principles in a real world application.

Zach Albregts, a recent intern, had this to say about the program:

“As a whole, the summer internship at GlobalTranz provided many valuable experiences that I can now take with me as I depart. Having the opportunity to work on our own projects, in an area where we see fit was the highlight of the internship this summer. That opportunity not only allowed me to work and communicate with professionals, but it allowed me to think critically on a process improvement for GlobalTranz.”

Everyone within the GlobalTranz organization looks forward to hosting our interns and always anticipates the culmination of the season when the interns make their proposals for the process improvement project.
Brandon Copeland, Senior Manager of Training & Development at GlobalTranz, says the process improvement project is a great way for the interns to put everything they’ve learned together with their business knowledge and schooling to bring the internship full circle.

Want a GlobalTranz Internship?

Whether you’re interested in the logistics industry or want to expand your business acumen, we’re always looking for highly energetic, forward thinking university students who have the ability to learn quickly and can retain and memorize processes and product knowledge.

Here are some of the skills/requirements that we’re looking for:

  • Creative thinking and strategic problem solving techniques
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to demonstrate appropriate phone and email etiquette
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to multi‐task in a windows based environment
  • Ability to excel in a team‐based environment
  • Self‐starter with a willingness and desire to succeed
  • Extremely organized and detail oriented
  • Full time college student in Junior or Senior year

For more information, be sure to contact our team today. And, here’s to your success!