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Announced this week, GlobalTranz is being named Clear Lane Freight Systems’ “3PL of the Year” for 2015. This distinction is a welcomed honor for a company that has flourished through the symbiotic relationship that both GlobalTranz and Clear Lane Freight Systems have enjoyed.

“We maintain one of our strongest working relationships with Clear Lane Freight Systems,” states Chris Scheid, VP of Pricing for GlobalTranz. “We are honored to be named as their Top 3PL partner and look forward to a continued successful partnership moving forward.”

In a string of recent successes and accolades, GlobalTranz continues to show its ascent to leadership in the industry by being named “3PL of the Year” for 2015 by Clear Lane Freight Systems. Founded in 2011, Clear Lane Freight Systems has built its business model around partnering with top 3PLs. With a robust client list of hundreds of industry-leading 3PLs, GlobalTranz was their very first customer.

“We will forever be appreciative of the confidence Michael Bookout, [Chief Strategy Officer] of GlobalTranz had in us to give us a chance to become a provider of LTL services to GlobalTranz,” said Tom Nagel, President/CEO of Clear Lane Freight Systems.

As GlobalTranz has succeeded in blossoming into a top freight broker, their business relationship with Clear Lane Freight Systems has clearly benefited both companies. GlobalTranz has created a broad playing field for small and midsized freight agencies while Clear Lanes Freight has focused on providing those 3PLs with exclusive economy LTL transportation services.

“We greatly value our partnerships and feel it is important to recognize the ones that work hard to grow their business and build prosperous partnership.” – Ingi Torfason Chief Operating Officer at Clear Lane Freight Systems

Over the last year, out of all of their partner businesses, Clear Lane Freight Systems chose to honor GlobalTranz based on their sales record and business development efforts. Particularly, Clear Lane Freight Systems wants to acknowledge the success of their mutual collaboration and GlobalTranz’ dedication to continuing to work together to the benefit of both companies.

While Indianapolis based Clear Lane Freight Systems leads the industry as the top provider of cost effective LTL transportation for 3PLs, GlobalTranz is making advanced logistics management affordable and effective for those same customers. GlobalTranz was their first customer and today they are their top customer – evidence of the mutual success of their extraordinary partnership with Clear Lane Freight Systems.

About GlobalTranz

Founded in 2003, GlobalTranz is a privately held, Phoenix-based logistics company specializing in freight management services including LTL, Full Truckload, Supply Chain Management, and Domestic Air/Expedited shipping. Their team focuses on innovative technology and partnering with sales professionals that possess energy, insight and a fervent customer service mentality.

GlobalTranz has created a one-stop-shop for its customer base of over 25,000 shippers through providing Less-Than-Truckload, Full Truckload, Supply Chain and Expedited Services. In 2015, Transport Topics Announced GlobalTranz as the 14th Largest Freight Brokerage Firm in the US. GlobalTranz is a leading company in the $157 Billion Dollar third-party logistics industry, with annual revenue of $500M+ and growing every year. GlobalTranz currently has 500+ employees and is growing rapidly.

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