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Tis The Season


Here at the brokerage office we have taken measure to properly handle the influx of freight about to hit the market. This year, this event has been magnetized by a few items, but the most relevant is the slow down that we were experiencing at the West Coast ports. We saw sluggish Q4 and Q1 results (still growing quite significantly) because a good amount of freight was sitting in the ocean waiting to be unloaded. The weather is also always a factor in Q1 as well.  We continued to make the investment in our operations team during this time, in preparation for the amount of freight that is about to hit our boards. We have successfully completed hundreds of bids and were awarded freight from many Fortune 1000 companies, many of which have already started to tender freight to us with most scorecards hitting over 98.5% on time. We have been the #1 service provider YTD for two Fortune 1000 companies, which has been a tremendous accomplishment for our Operations and Enterprise teams. The best strategy to prepare for this season is to communicate with your customers and relay that information to your contacts within the department. We are looking forward to the market turning and having the opportunity to move your freight. 





Here is a copy of Truckload’s Escalation Chart with an Equipment Map for Flatbed and Van, respectfully. Depending on where your shipment originates, it changes whom you need to escalate your critical loads and problems to.



Full Truckload Quoting



Market Analyst Team


Manager of Truckload Administration

Fred Morgan

866.275.1407 Ext 6511




VPTL and Intermodal Quoting



Manager of Specialized Services

Brian Sepe








Manager of West Coast Flatbed

Heath Nelson




Manager of East Coast Flatbed

Drew Ansara




Manager of Midwest Flatbed

Brice Beutner








Manager of West Coast Van

Johnny Lopez




Manager of Midwest Van

Reggie Relf




Manager of Southeast Van

Brian Serbalik




Manager of Northeast Van 

Paul Jones




Manager of Pacific Northwest Van

Ryan Feuerbach