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“You’re only as good as the people that you surround yourself with”  –  Jim Weatherly
Please join the GlobalTranz family in congratulating Global Freight Source as the top Freight Broker Agency for the 2014 calendar year.
As always, Global Freight Source continues to shine as one of the top agencies in the country.
Global Freight Source and GlobalTranz:

In 2009, Jim Weatherly and Marc Collins were running a highly successful freight forwarding company delivering strong results with revenues between six and seven Million dollars a year.  It was at this point in time that both men realized a changing landscape in the industry and sought out a solution to become a ‘single-source’ platform for their customers.  They realized a need and an opportunity to bring the proper tools to their freight forwarding base and company arsenal.

“The technology of CommandCenter and CarrierRate have provided us the platform to take our business and our offering to the next level,” states Jim Weatherly, President.  Since instituting the technology offerings of GlobalTranz, Global Freight Source not only has been able to offer new services to existing clientele, but they have also been able to add an entirely new base of business.  “All of our business through our GlobalTranz partnership is new business,” states Marc Collins, EVP of Sales and Marketing.  Both men state that the implementation was able to, “breathe new life,” into their already successful business.

For the 2014 year, with their GlobalTranz partnership alone, Global Freight Source was able to finish strong with revenues of 35+ Million.  “You’re only as good as the people that you surround yourself with,” say Jim Weatherly.  Marc Collins adds, “It has taken a lot of hard work, and it has been fun and exciting.  We have really enjoyed growing our business and being able to hire excellent additions to our team.”  They credit GlobalTranz with assisting in this growth and creating the opportunity.


About Global Freight Source:

“Global Freight Source is a privately held, Milwaukee based logistics company specializing in freight management services including LTL, Full Truckload, Supply Chain Management, and International and Domestic Air/Expedited shipping. Our focus is on providing innovative technology and being a leading-edge provider of web-based transportation management services that helps our customers implement processes that manage and reduce their transportation costs. Founded in 1989, as an air freight forwarding company Global Freight Source has been committed to evolving with the industry using best in class technology. Our strategic objective is to expand GFS to be a ‘single-source’ platform that delivers superior results for all of our customers’ supply chain needs.” – See more at:

Global Freight Source