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This holiday shopping season, like years past, retailers, shippers, and consumers are all preparing and for a huge influx. Each player in this holiday shopping game – retailers, shippers, and consumers – has their part to play and their preparations to make.

In this infographic, with data taken from a recent study by National Retail Federation, highlights the preparations taken by Retailers, Consumers and Shippers alike for the holiday shopping season.


holiday shopping

  1. This holiday season, consumers are projected to spend nearly $1,000 per capita – the second highest ever.
  2. 43 percent say they are being more cautious with their spending due to the uncertainty of the election season.
  3. Fifty-eight percent of consumers plan to buy for themselves, spending an average of $139.61, up 4 percent from last year’s $133.74
  4. Consumers say they will spend $588.90 on gifts for others
  5. $207.07 for items such as food, decorations, flowers and greeting cards this year.
  6. Three top destinations for shopping
    • Department stores (57 percent)
    • Online (57 percent)
    • Discount stores (56 percent)
  7. 45 percent plan to visit a grocery store/supermarket
  8. 34 percent will shop at clothing stores
  9. 27 percent at electronics stores
  10. 23 percent at small or local businesses.
  11. Ten percent of those shopping plan to visit outlet stores

Shipping and Deliveries

holiday shopping

  1. 93% of shoppers plan to take advantage of free shipping
  2. 47% are looking for conveniences like buying online, pick up in store or ship-to-store
  3. 17 percent will take advantage of expedited shipping
  4. 10 percent will use same-day delivery.

Consumer Behavior

holiday shopping

  1. 41 percent say they started shopping in October or earlier.
  2. 41% will start in November
  3. 18 percent will wait until December.
  4. Of the early shoppers, 63 percent say they are trying to spread out their budgets.
  5. 49 percent want to avoid the crowds and stress of last-minute shopping.

holiday shopping


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