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“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Those in the business know that we are known for our technology at GlobalTranz. But it is not just our technology that is moving the logistics industry forward. Most importantly it is how our technology helps our customers improve their freight businesses.

Technology and Freight Logistics

The Internet has forced the freight logistics industry to undergo a complete remodel. Now the goal is to keep up with the onslaught of new data pouring in through supply chain channels. What we do at GlobalTranz is organize and consolidate that data so that our customers can extract valuable business insights from that data.

Whole industries that did not exist before the Internet are driving most of this information monsoon. Retailers, from mom and pops to multi-nationals, all utilize several independent freight agencies to step in at different junctures of their supply chains.

Within the freight world, agents are discovering that their EDI transactions, shipment tables, and their tariffs all contain bits of data that are supremely important for analyzing their businesses. Giving our customers the information and a means to analyze it is only part of what we offer. Here are the top 5 reasons more freight agents and brokers choose GlobalTranz technology to help move their companies forward.

#1: We are Constantly Improving

The hallmark of any top line business in today’s logistics industry is a drive toward constant improvement. At GlobalTranz we already are head of the rest of our competitors using our own proprietary software. We keep ourselves moving even further ahead by constantly improving our product line. Our philosophy is if you are not improving, you are falling behind. We intend to stay in the lead.

#2: We Build the Technologies

A clear advantage that our GlobalTranz partners have over all of their competition is that we build the technologies that are moving logistics forward. Like all great inventions, our technology is designed to provide our customers technology that they can’t get anywhere else.

Our software team is made up of former agents, brokers, engineers, and network administrators who know the logistics business inside and out. They never lose focus on the end result of all of our work; to give freight agents and brokers the tools they need to succeed.

#3: We Add Value to Your Business

Because you get the most advanced technology available we add tremendous value to your business. It’s not just from inside, we ask our partners to help us improve. In fact, we incorporated 50 different ideas and suggestions that we received through our Bright Ideas campaign from our partner agents into many of our newest software programs.

We listen to those who are dealing on the ground with carriers and shippers. They know where freight agents are failing and where they hope to see the industry go. By tapping into this source of originality and by investing in a supremely skilled network of industry professionals, we build products that:

  • Increase Productivity– Why waste half the day focuses on tedious data entry when you should be making sales calls? Our proprietary software is designed to free up your time by automating and speeding up your daily tasks including shipment booking so that you can focus on what’s most important.
  • Make Business Nimble– As technology changes and improves so should your business technology. We make businesses more agile so that they can adjust to anything that comes their way. We harness that agility and build it into every system that we make to give your business the edge.

#4: We Simplify the Process

Like Longfellow (quote above), we believe that technology should work to simplify the process. With all of the hundreds of different moving parts up and down the supply chain, no logistics company can compete without simplifying time consuming processes on the backend and simplifying the process for your customers on the front end.

Our technology is built to simplify the shipping process. Your shipments go through a ton of processes before the reach their destination. You manage shipments by boat, air, land, even rail. Along the way problems can occur like accidents, detours, weather closures, etc. Not to mention the downtime that can wreck your business relationship due to weigh stations, inspections, warehousing, transfer, or just bad carriers.

We can’t choose your partners but we can give you the technology to make these processes as simple and routine as possible. We eliminate human error by automating customer shipment booking and real-time tracking on CarrierRate2.0 and we put your customer’s in the driver’s seat through our dynamic ShipperCenter.

#5: We Make Data Useful and Usable

Just providing big data to small and startup freight agents and logistics firms is not what makes us better than our competitors. It is our ability to make the data useful and usable. Our software is designed to sort, analyze, and create reports that give our clients a bird’s eye-view of all of their business operations.

From analyzing expenditures on the shipping history tab to browsing the CommandCenter for new business ventures, our tools are helping businesses turn data into profits and customers.

Your Business is Better with GlobalTranz

Our technology is better than the competition simply because we care. As former industry professionals who have worked the long hours in the days before technology was simplifying freight logistics building up our businesses on grease boards and fax machines.

You have a trusted team of professional logistics experts and brokers working to help you build the type of business that your customers need. We believe that technology’s ability to add value to your business rests on the type of environment that your team provides.

You still need quality people to make that technology do its job for you and to focus on what you do best – Sales. Our sole purpose is to give you the greatest leverage to achieve success. Come join the GlobalTranz team and see what our technology can do for you.