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Ever since Bill Gates and Steve Jobs invented what we now know as the personal home computer back in the 80s, there have been many businesses that have utilized both the Internet and computer technology to amass a fortune. That has revolutionized the way the world does business and that change is sweeping the logistics industry.

Change is Good

Back when the Internet was young and the computer was new, some people thought they were the sign of the apocalypse. Terms like artificial intelligence sparked political slash theocratic debates about whether humans were stepping on a higher power’s toes for even inventing the Internet.

But as that technology became ubiquitous, most people began to accept the new way of living in the “tech age” and embrace the change. Now people expect to get their packages next day and to skip the stampede on black Friday by just shopping online.

For that change to have occurred, freight logistics had to be right at the center. Among some of the richest tech inventors and companies are those companies that need freight logistics to succeed like Amazon, Microsoft, and every major retail chain store you can think of. In the freight industry, this change is good.

Technology in the Logistics Industry

Before the Internet and personal home computers, freight was shipped via phone and fax. Independent freight agents built their network of carriers using the phonebook and a LAN line. Today most agents work from home from their Smartphone or laptop.

They have no need for a LAN line a fax machine or an office space, making the playing field much more equitable for the startups and SME freight agencies. At the center of that change is technology, which is a big driver of wealth in today’s economy.

The Future of Logistics

The future of logistics is only going to continue to grow and evolve into ever more efficient and faster systems of delivery. Agents today stand on the precipice of a new revolution in logistics when companies like Amazon and Google start looking for shippers who can deliver packages by drone or 3-D print manufacture products on-site for local deliveries.

Freight agents have a chance to get in on this big wave if they are smart and staying on top of advanced technology like the kind we provide at GlobalTranz. We are helping to change the logistics industry by providing the most advanced systems while building in more capacity for the future.

#1: Access to Big Data

You can’t provide next day service or maintain a wealth-making network of carriers without utilizing big data to evaluate your business operations. ShipperCenter, for example, lets freight agents analyze customer behavior to a fine detail in order to offer better service and to generate more leads. The faster and more affordable your service offerings are, the more business you will find now and into the future.

By putting more information into agents’ hands, we are helping even the smallest logistics firms compete. With access to the dynamic reporting and analytic tools, agents do not just aggregate big data but also have the tools to analyze it to keep improving on their services to their clients.

#2: Customer Access

CarrierRate2.0 allows customers to book a shipment in two simple clicks or to download their shipment histories to improve their businesses. When you give your customers access to more of their data you increase transparency and trust which is most crucial in non-person-to-person interactions.

#3: Top Level Support

When you add advanced technology to your business mix, you will need top level support to manage those systems. In order to compete with the biggest logistics firms in the industry you have that type of support. You can offer that level of support supplying GlobalTranz technology to your customers in a way that no other technology provider can provide.

Take the Lead with GlobalTranz

If you want to build the type of logistics firms that will put you in the upper echelons of successful freight agencies, you need GlobalTranz technology. We are making it easier than ever to shift some wealth into your empire by being in position and prepared to catch the next big wave.

Our software programs are designed to give you a leg up on your competitors and to give you space to compete with even the biggest agencies in the country. All you need is to show that you are giving your customers something that they can’t get anywhere else.

No other company offers the types of advanced programs made specifically for freight agents and brokers that we do at GlobalTranz. Let us help you grow with the times and take the lead in your region. Contact us now for more information about becoming a GlobalTranz partner.

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