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5 Reasons GlobalTranz’s Technology is Leading the Freight Industry

Technology enables even the smallest freight agent to build a world-class freight agency. There is no freight logistics firm anywhere offering the type of advanced technology and integrated solutions that we offer at GlobalTranz. We have taken the power of technology and harnessed it in a concerted way to develop software programs designed specifically for freight agencies.

#1: We Offer Unified Solutions

Out of the top five reasons why our technology is the best (and there are others), the fact that we offer unified solutions is at the top of the list. There’s no need to buy a piece of software to manage your customers and a separate piece of software to search for leads and yet another program to manage your shipments.

No, with GlobalTranz there is no patchwork of separate systems. Everything you need is contained in our three top tier software programs: CarrierRate2.0, CommandCenter, and ShipperCenter. Whether you specialize in LTL, full truckload, expedited services, or supply chain, we have everything you need to run your freight business.

#2: Our Systems are all Our Own

How we are able to provide unified solutions is because our systems are all our own. We don’t outsource the development of our programs. Our team of experts in logistics has engineered every GlobalTranz tool you use.

Our program designers have combined decades of experience working in the logistics industry. They add their knowledge of the industry with extraordinary technical capabilities to come up with our world-class system designs.

#3: We Have a Diverse Family of Products

What you get when you choose GlobalTranz is a seamless continuity between our diverse family of products. Each program goes hand-in-glove with each of our other programs. Other logistics software firms will offer you customer management software that often lacks many of the features that make our CMS software best.

Trying to sync a program from one provider with a program from another is an exercise in futility. With our products you don’t need anything else. We have you covered from beginning to end. Check out our family of products and see for yourself.

#4: We Provide Comprehensive Backend Support

One thing that you will only get from GlobalTranz is our comprehensive backend support. Even when you find a CRM or TMS program that meets your shipping needs, you will still need to invest in accounting software, sales materials, and more.

You don’t have to purchase a separate accounting program. Our team does it for you. That’s right, from our transportation management systems to our rating engine and CRM tool, we have solutions for every aspect of your freight business all within house including our sales team, payroll, and billing specialists.

We manage your administrative tasks so that you can focus on generating new business and managing shipments. More importantly, our team cares about your success. We will be there with you helping you to realize your goals the whole way. That’s something you will only get from GlobalTranz.

#5: You Can Join Our Team

Last but certainly not least – you can join our team. Our Freight Agent Opportunity Program is designed to give you a big leg up as you start your new freight agent business. Best of all, as you work and build up your client list as a GlobalTranz partner, you will be building equity in your own freight business at the same time.

Plus, when you partner with GlobalTranz, all of our proprietary software is included. You get access to our incredible CarrierRate2.0 and CommandCenter software to help better manage your business. Join GlobalTranz and see what a difference it makes when your whole team is on the same system.

We Know You’ll Love Our Technology

At GlobalTranz we have been focused on making shipment management easier for freight agents and brokers for nearly a decade and a half. As technology has improved, so have our products. We are at the forefront of freight logistics innovations and our company is one of the leading private businesses in all of Arizona.

Technology alone does not guarantee success. It is how technology is harnessed and used that makes the difference. Without a doubt, when it comes to freight logistics, we have created something spectacular at GlobalTranz. We have watched as our partner agents have blossomed in to some of the top 3PLs in the country.

Why not let us do the same for your freight business? If you are interested in learning more about our software programs or to contact us about becoming a GlobalTranz partner, simply contact us now for more information.

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