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As Hurricane Harvey continues to impact Houston, South East Texas and parts of Louisiana, our thoughts go out to all those affected by this historic and devastating storm.

During this difficult time, we want to assure you that we are prepared and equipped to help you navigate these weather-related supply chain challenges. Our team is working hard to keep you informed about the storm’s impact on your freight and the entire logistics industry. We will go the extra mile to provide solutions that help keep your business operating and supporting those in need. Let us know how we can help.  Stay safe out there!

The most recent transportation news and updates are listed below to help you stay informed. We encourage you to reach-out to your GlobalTranz support teams with any questions.

Transportation Update

 The storm’s impact on supply chains is being felt across the country. All modes of transportation are experiencing limitations in the hardest hit areas due to flooding, blocked roadways, railways, and terminal closures.

  • Some LTL terminals within Southeast Texas have been closed and are slowly in the process of reopening, while some Louisiana terminals are running limited operation.
  • Roadways around Southeast Texas are experiencing flooding conditions and travel is not advised, limiting pick-ups and deliveries until conditions improve. Louisiana DOT is also reporting closures.
  • To ensure shipments into affected areas can be made, we recommend confirming receiving capabilities with your consignee prior to shipping. This will help avoid potential fees, which can result if the consignee is not able to receive shipments.  If you are shipping out of the affected region, we recommend confirming with your pickup location prior to booking your shipment.
  • Rail lines have issued embargoes on most rail traffic destined to stations on the Gulf Coast and inland. As weather allows, railroads will begin to inspect and repair tracks, bridges and signals to return to service as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Port Houston and Port of Galveston are slowly resuming container operations after being closed for several days, while Ports Corpus Christi, Victoria and Freeport remain closed to most ships. The Coast Guard is working closely with federal, state and local partners to assess damage, debris and pollution, to regain full operation of affected ports as quickly and safely as possible.
  • For shipment tracking information, call 1-866-275-1407 or email

Shipper/Customer Impact

Even as the storm subsides, Hurricane Harvey will continue to impact the freight industry for weeks to come.

  • Flooding and road closures during severe weather leave trucks idle, as they wait for water to recede from roads and loading docks. After the storm, shippers should anticipate extended service interruptions across Texas and surrounding areas as carriers deal with the impact of cargo overload from the storm.
  • Shippers will likely experience capacity constrained due to the prioritization of available trucks for transporting relief and emergency supplies over standard freight.
  • economist Noel Perry says shipping costs will likely rise across a wide area far from Houston, based on the market’s response to previous natural disasters.
  • Harvey’s impact on Texas oil refining and fuel pipelines, coupled with the upcoming federal ELD mandate that takes effect in December, could be the catalyst to a pricing spiral for trucking contract rates

As weather conditions and service updates evolve, we will continue to provide important information. Visit Texas DOT and Louisiana DOT to stay informed on transportation conditions.

Contact your GlobalTranz support team with any questions. Call 1-866-275-1407 or email