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Listen to “Inbound Freight Pickup: The Role of Technology & Communication” on Spreaker.

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

On today’s episode we welcome Freight Desk team Lead, Cheryl Hisdahl to talk about the importance of using the right technology tools & adhering to communications best practices to improve inbound freight pickups management.

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Inbound Freight Pickups Consistency Improved with Tech & Communication

In the episode, you’ll also get to know a bit about Cheryl’s role at Cerasis and what her team of inbound freight pickup specialists do on behalf of Cerasis customers.

On the episode, you’ll hear Cheryl answer the following:

  • What does each freight desk agent do at Cerasis on behalf of our customers in detail?
  • How does the freight desk team go about arranging inbound freight pickups for our customers? What are some of the key details that are important in effectively arranging an inbound freight pickup?
  • Why is collaboration and clear, consistent communication so important when arranging inbound freight pickups?
  • Why is using a TMS, like the Cerasis Rater important in better management of inbound freight pickups?
  • Why does using technology & effective communication for inbound freight pickups help imbue confidence in our customers that they have streamlined inbound freight management?
  • What is our vendor portal for inbound freight pickups and why is that an advantage say over simply calling our freight desk for us to do it for them?
  • And why might it be important that we always have the option for even those on the vendor portal to still easily get in touch with us?
  • When it comes to inbound freight pickups and overall management, what is the best piece of advice Cheryl would give a shipper who is struggling with this aspect of overall transportation management solutions?

We hope you enjoy this episode of the freight project podcast.