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If you’re looking to save costs on shipping and freight, take a look at your inbound freight program. Depending on the industry and size of the company, a business can spend more than 40% of its annual freight budget on inbound shipping, according to the 2010 study on transportation and logistics by the Aberdeen Group, a research firm in Boston. A more efficient inbound freight program can minimize delays, save money and even reduce confusion.

75% of companies surveyed by the Aberdeen Group report that inbound freight management is a key focus point. In one example, a company with over $18M per year in inbound freight costs reported paying invoices from over 100 carriers – despite having negotiated preferred terms with five carriers and stipulating their use on each order.

Register for the Inbound Freight Webinar

WebinarButtonCerasis, Inc., a third party logistics company, offering both a proprietary transportation management system (TMS), the Cerasis Rater, and integrated freight management services, is pleased to announce they will hold their first ever educational webinar on October 9th, 2013 at 10 am CST. The webinar will feature valuable information on the value of a transportation management system and logistics services for effective inbound freight management. You may register for the webinar by clicking here.

“Our freight desk of our inbound freight routing specialists handle more than 1,000 phone calls per week handling inbound freight routing and optimization for our customers,” said Ginny Devlaminck, Freight Desk Manager. “Our inbound freight routing specialists work with our customer’s suppliers and anyone inbounding freight to our customers. It takes a tremendous amount of burden off our shippers saving them both process time and money, as all inbound freight is routed through our proprietary TMS.”

What will the Inbound Freight Management Webinar Cover? 

The 45 to 60 minute webinar on how to combine both technology and expertise to tackle ever increasing inbound freight costs will cover the following material:

  • An Introduction to the Landscape of How Big is the Problem of Inbound Freight Management
  • 3 Challenges Logistics Executives Face in Inbound Freight Shipping
  • 8 Objectives to Consider and 4 Areas of Focus for Confident Inbound Freight Management
  • How TMS Automation Aids in Inbound Freight Management and What to Require in a TMS
  • The Advantage of Combining both expert service and technology for Inbound Freight Management
  • Conclusion and wrap up
  • Q&A Session

Who Should Attend the Inbound Freight Webinar?

This webinar is perfect for:

  • Executives at Manufacturing, Distribution, and companies who ship inbound freight
  • Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Managers
  • Freight Dispatch Staff
  • Anyone interested in the Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation, Manufacturing, Freight or Distribution Fields

Clearly, managing inbound shipping is challenging, taking away focus from your core business. Fortunately, there are now practical, inbound logistics managed services that enable companies to manage processes, increase visibility, and gain control of their inbound shipment costs. A complete managed service solution combines expertise in complex logistics and with an on-demand system, such as a transportation management system for both outbound and inbound logistics management.

Please feel free to share this webinar with anyone you know who ships freight via Less-than-truckload, truckload, or small package.