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If you follow our blog, our goal at Cerasis is to produce content that speaks to all possible players in our ecosystem: Customers, Carrier partners, Employees, Manufacturing and Distribution companies, those in Transportation, Logistics, Freight, and Supply Chain, and anyone who is interested in learning the trends and information around all that goes into the operations and success of freight and logistics.

Industrial Content Marketing: What Value are YOU Adding?

Many struggle with producing good and consistent industrial content marketing. They often go about it by only producing content that is all about the company. Really, the mindset should be to focus on creating content that is of value to your potential customers AND those in your industry. At Cerasis our goal has been and always will be to add value to our readers and empower them with the knowledge they need to keep up with those trends as they rapidly change, but also offer tips and best practices to better manage freight. Now, of course, we do this not ONLY to give this information, we do it to help increase brand awareness as we expand our readership, we produce content and distribute in relevant communities online to reach our target audience, which in turn supports our search engine optimization elements of marketing, all with the desired outcome of generating inbound leads and making warmer cold calls. We are not overtly salesy however in this approach, as we know that would just turn potential customers away. We want someone to reach out to us when they1. Have a need for our services because they currently are either having issues in house or with their current provider in managing freight, 2. but also because we know people still do business with people. We want to come across as genuine, organic, open handed, and generally thought of as a leader in the logistics space by truly giving away best practices and tips for free. So far, we feel we have done a great job at adding value, but we always welcome feedback on our content, as one of our company’s tenets is continuous improvement.

Industrial Content Marketing Webinar

With that said, it is both an honor and great pleasure for our Marketing Manager, Adam Robinson, to give away some of his secret sauce, tips, best practices, and what we all care about in the end, results of Cerasis’ own industrial content marketing efforts , as he hosts an upcoming webinar alongside Oktopost, a powerful social media marketing management tool.

The webinar is titled “Content May Be King, But Distribution Rules the Land” and will be held on December 10th at 12 PM EST.

industrial content marketing

Topics that will be covered:

  • Content Marketing: The Cerasis Approach
  • How to Empower your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Using Oktopost to Drive Large Scale Content Distribution
  • What are the Results of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy?

You don’t want to miss this one, as you will walk away having a better grasp at effective industrial content marketing. Register now at

We hope to see you there! What tips would you offer on effective industrial content marketing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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