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GlobalTranz is an innovator because of our software products. Our in-house software development team builds products which allow us to meet the business needs of our customers and our agents. We pride ourselves on products that not only function brilliantly, but delight those who use them. GlobalTranz has developed and released several new innovative products in 2015. Let’s focus on two of those products: CarrierRate 2.0 and ShipperCenter.

CarrierRate 2.0 is an impressive redesign of our legacy freight management system (FMS), With CarrierRate 2.0, we rolled the dependability and intuitiveness of into a new HTML platform that is flexible, powerful, and beautiful. User experience design permeates the product, and every click was carefully considered. We built many thoughtful touches to make our customers feel at home. We’ve included incredible reporting features to allow our customers to keep a close eye on their freight spend, with the ability to generate reports directly. CarrierRate 2.0 is the industry’s premiere FMS. We maintain that status by continually listening to our users, improving existing features and adding new ones.

Also in 2015, we built GTZdemand™, our exclusive CRM/RMS (Retention Mangement System). We are the first in the freight industry to offer a CRM tailored to the specific needs of our freight brokers and agents. Years of analyzing the behavior of our employees and partners led us to one conclusion: We can build a tool which will radically assist our sales teams drive their growth.

The vision of ShipperCenter is simple; increase the number of companies that ship through GlobalTranz. We achieve that goal through a revolutionary new vision in the CRM market: treat people like people. The tool was released August 17, 2015, after 6 months of focused development. In the first 6 weeks of use, our users have converted over 300 customers using ShipperCenter, driving $440,000 in top-line revenue. We could not be more excited about the future of this tool.

Above all, our design principles guide every innovation we discover. GlobalTranz products are:

Simple, Intuitive, Easy to Use. Our products have a short learning curve.

Flexible, Adaptable. Agile development processes allow us to turn on a dime.

Beautiful, Thoughtful. User experience is considered, valued product-wide.

Reliable, Dependable. Dedicated teams ensure consistent performance.

Proprietary, Exclusive. We own our products from conception to release.

GlobalTranz is at the cutting edge of technology when it comes 3PL’s. We continue to pursue innovation as a matter of habit. Innovation is in our GlobalTranz blood.

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