Logistics Technology Innovation – Q&A with GlobalTranz CTO

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GlobalTranz is investing heavily in logistics technology innovation and leading the market with its freight brokerage technology products for less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (TL), carrier selection and freight agent lead generation. This week, GlobalTranz CTO Greg Carter participated in a Q&A interview with Superb Crew in which he elaborated on the value GlobalTranz delivers to shippers, carriers and freight agents. …

Freight Brokerage Value vs Uber Freight Buzz

Freight Brokerage Value vs. Uber Freight Buzz

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The launch of Uber Freight got quite a bit of press last month, as Uber shared its vision of cutting out the middleman in freight movement by connecting shippers directly with available carriers and providing real-time pricing. Uber is not the first to attempt this model. Other companies have tried it with mixed results and minimal disruption to the traditional …

Freight Agent Marketing

7 Tips for Freight Agent Marketing

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Every year, advances in transportation, logistics and freight brokerage technology keep the logistics industry in constant flux. These changes can impact not only your freight management operations but also how you market your business. Here are 7 of the most untapped but effective freight agent marketing tips. #1: Promote Your Niche Last year we told you about how to market …

GlobalTranz ACE Awards

GlobalTranz Wins ACE Awards for Fast Growth, Demonstrating the Continued Success of its Technology-Driven Freight Brokerage Solutions and Services

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PHOENIX, AZ – November 17, 2016 – GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc., a leading technology-driven freight management solution provider, today announced it was recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal in the 2016 Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards announced on November 2, 2016. GlobalTranz was ranked as the 7th fastest-growing company and 10th largest private company in Arizona, receiving ACE Awards for both …

globaltranz expands executive management

GlobalTranz Expands Executive Team in Response to Strong Growth and to Continue Driving its Leadership in Freight Management and Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

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GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc., a leading technology-driven freight management solution provider, announced today the expansion of its executive management team with the addition of new sales and technology leadership. The new appointments are in direct response to company growth and market demand for innovative freight management solutions. To lead the growth in GlobalTranz’ direct sales business, Leigh Ann Schneider (pictured above) …

10 Ways Freight Agents Can Minimize Last-Mile Logistics Issues

10 Ways Freight Agents Can Minimize Last-Mile Logistics Issues

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Amazon has nearly 80 fulfillment centers located throughout the U.S. That is partly how they are solving the last-mile issue. But for the typical freight agent, it’s not only cost prohibitive, it is often financially unfeasible to build one fulfillment center —let alone more than six dozen. With faster on-time delivery demand coming from consumers and trickling down to freight …

7 Steps for Freight Agent Success

7 Steps for Freight Agent Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Are you serious about becoming a highly successful freight agent? If so, then you need to be willing to put in the work to set yourself apart from every other freight agent. On top of that you need to have the best tools and data to help your customers get their freight delivered on time, without error and within their …

omni-channel logistics challenges

8 Omni-channel Logistics Challenges Facing Freight Agents

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In order to understand the difficulties facing freight agents in an omni-channel world, you have to realize that consumer demand is really driving these challenges. Technology has created a consumer market, even for large freight, that demands high-speed logistics across multiple channels to fulfill customers’ fast delivery expectations. People often think of the consumer’s view of omni-channel in the form …

aci motor carrier

Carrier Partner Spotlight – ACI Motor Freight

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GLOBALTRANZ IS SPOTLIGHTING ACI MOTOR FREIGHT AS OUR FEATURED CARRIER PARTNER FOR OCTOBER 2016.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CARRIER AND THEIR OFFERINGS BELOW.     One of the best things about my job is getting to introduce ACI Motor Freight to potential customers. I have the privilege of working with a team of folks with one goal in mind – the Customer. We …