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A 7 Step Process to Increase B2B Visibility on LinkedIn for Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics & Industrial Companies

linkedin manufacturing

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog from Fronetics, one of the premier digital and content marketing agencies who focus on the industrial, supply chain, and logistics sectors as their client base. Fronetics approach of educational information for manufacturers and those industries related to the supply chain perfectly aligns with Cerasis’s approach to educate the same industries on best practices, trends, and tips that allow them to have a more efficient business process. Whether it’s tips around how to master LTL Freight, business, manufacturing news, or just marketing advice, we want our readers to come away feeling that they got value out of each blog post and learned something that helps them! We hope you enjoy this short and awesome post that will make you better at LinkedIn to gain visibility (and maybe a few leads) for your business. 

There are more than 300 million users.  There are over 3 million company pages.  Every two seconds someone new joins LinkedIn.   LinkedIn is the largest professional network and is a virtual treasure chest of riches for companies in the supply chain industry.  If your company is not active on LinkedIn you are missing out on opportunities- and revenue.

A 7 Step Process to Increase your B2B Visibility for your Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Industrial Company

Here is how to maximize LinkedIn:

1. Create a compelling company page

People and businesses turn to LinkedIn to learn more about your company.  Make sure that your company can not only be found, but also presents itself in a compelling manner.  Present your company as an industry leader.

Linkedin Manufacturing

2. Be active In LinkedIn Groups

Conversations about your industry (and possibility your company) are taking place within LinkedIn’s groups on a daily basis.  Becoming an active participant in LinkedIn groups will enable you to:

  1. Provide you with business and market intelligence;
  2. Introduce you to new, interesting, and relevant topics;
  3. Enable you to raise awareness about your company; and
  4. Position your company as a leader within the industry.

Linkedin Manufacturing group

3. Content distribution

Content is an incredible business tool; however, it doesn’t go far (it actually goes nowhere) without distribution.  Use your LinkedIn company page to distribute your own content as well as curated content.  Also consider sharing relevant content within your LinkedIn groups.

Content distribution via LinkedIn serves to increase brand awareness and position your company as a knowledge and industry leader.

4. Include your employees

Encourage your employees to be active in LinkedIn groups and to, essentially, serve as your company’s brand ambassadors.  Additionally, empower your employees to use their LinkedIn network to share job openings, and to identify great talent.

5. Prospect for leads

LinkedIn can be used to prospect for leads and to build your sales pipeline.  Look not only within groups, but also within your vast network.  Also, use LinkedIn to research target companies and industries.

Linkedin Manufacturing search

6. Optimize your profile

You are a reflection of your company.  Take the time to optimize your personal LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin Manufacturing profile

7. Don’t be annoying

No one likes spam.  If you take to LinkedIn with a “me, me, me” attitude you will fail.  To truly maximize LinkedIn it is essential that your company does not use LinkedIn solely to self-promote.  This approach is bad for business.  If you take this approach you will close doors and lose out on opportunities. Try using open ended questions related to the industry, such as in the screen shot below and notice the number of comments (327) and how Steve’s profile is the TOP profile, visible to all members who visit the group:

Linkedin Manufacturing group open ended questions

A recent survey conducted by Fronetics Strategic Advisors found that companies within the supply chain and logistics industry believe LinkedIn to have a positive impact on their business.  Respondents were asked to rate social networks used by their company on their business impact.  58 percent of respondents rated LinkedIn as “very impactful,” and 37 percent rated LinkedIn as “somewhat impactful.”   If your company is not yet taking advantage of LinkedIn, it’s time to start.

How are you using LinkedIn to raise your company’s profile? Let us know in the comments below!